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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017

We are in the throes of the NFL mock season, and that means a couple of evenings spent with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (@rotobuzzguy), who curates the #mockdraftarmy, hosted by Tim Wagner at his fine Fantrax site. If you are looking to mock, or a host site for your league, check Fantrax out. Tim is more than proactive during the mock season, monitoring the drafts, asking for feedback and working on user friendly enhancements.

So, for mockdraftarmy #3, I drafted in the five spot, while for #9 I picked in the three hole.

That made for different results than drafting first or 12th, which I did in previous mocks. So, let's look at who I got, when, and what I think (obviously being interested in your comments, which you can make below). These drafts were 12-team, 15-round, PPR format.


Round  Mock 3 Mock 9 Comment
 1  Todd Gurley (RB)  David Johnson (RB) I am a clear fan of Gurley, but all around, Johnson might be a better selection. Like Gurley for potential touches, but Johnson more established all around.
 2  Julian Edelman (WR)   Julian Edelman (WR) Hard not to love Tom Brady's favorite receiver. Edelman is tough and simply catches the ball.
 3  Golden Tate (WR)  Brandin Cooks (WR) Best available WR in a league that favors guys who catch passes. Of the two, I like Tate a little better stepping into Megatron's gig, but Cooks and Brees is not a bad combo.
 4  Theo Riddick (RB)  Theo Riddick (RB) Again, no question I like this guy. How can we not love a running back who bagged 80 passes last year? I think he will get better, helping fill the Calvin Johnson void.
 5  Michael Crabtree (WR)   Allen Hurns (WR) Again, kind of interchangable receivers, but both good, and both #2 guys. But, as we know, I like the #2 receivers since they play behind (Amari Cooper and Allen Robinson) #1 guys who will be double teamed a lot.
 6  Travis Kelce (TE)  Michael Crabtree (WR) Could not pass Kelce up while Crabtree slipping a round seems like gold.
 7  Andrew Luck (QB)  Russell Wilson (QB) The first two mocks I did, both these guys were gone by round seven, and I wound up (happily) with Derek Carr in the ninth. But, could not let these guys get past me at this juncture in the draft.
 8  Willie Snead (WR)  Zach Ertz (TE) Kind of round 6 in reverse, with Snead being a fine bye week option while Ertz will play as much as I can get him in the lineup.
 9  Darren Sproles (RB)  DeAndre Washington (RB)  I am obviously looking at secondary and tertiary running backs who can catch, and both of these guys can.
 10  DeAndre Washington (RB)   Isaiah Crowell (RB) Kind of the same theory as above, with Washington slipping a round, while I crapshoot on Crowell.
 11  Ted Ginn, Jr. (WR)  Jerome Kearse (WR) Both of these guys are players who have three or four big games, and not much else. I am hoping both have them during Edelman's and Tate's bye weeks.
 12  Breshad Perriman (WR)  Martellus Bennett (TE) A gamble on Perriman's talent, while Bennett to spell Ertz.
 13  Jerome Kearse (WR)  Ted Ginn, Jr. (WR) Round 11, redux, huh? I guess I like these guys.
 14  Brandon McManus (PK)  Brandon McManus (PK)  I need a kicker: he is as good as any.
 15  Oakland Raiders (DEF)  Oakland Raiders (DEF) Up-and-coming defense is vastly under-rated going into the draft, I think.

So, there you have it. I think what is interesting is I only took one QB in each league, and in #3 just the one TE in Kelce. In both instances, I was thinking just stream the best available guy out of the free agent pool that week.

Don't forget you can comment and hit me up @lawrmichaels.


0 #1 Polka 2016-06-29 20:44
I love Gurley and Johnson- especially with such a shallow Stud/RB pool

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