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Tuesday 20th Feb 2018

Yay! Summer officially arrived this week meaning the 2016 baseball season is churning forth with real stats that might even point to some player stability, and that suggests maybe making DFS selections will be easier to target. And that means you can play RealTime's weekly "Beat the Experts" contest, where you get a chance to outsmart 198 other DFS players and me (no entry fee with a $2 payout if you can beat my score).

As we get ready for tonight's games, there is still some funky weather looming over parts of the country, but nothing that will interfere with play on the diamond.

With respect to the Tout Wars Challenge I am a good 60 points of leader Tristan Cockcroft, and 45 or so among those trailing him, so aside from a miraculous crazy day, well, I have to wait for the July cycle to try and make the tourney.

Once again I am trying to exploit the lower end pitching to pick up some points, and Steven Matz ($7800) facing the Braves--no matter how hot they have been--coupled with Aaron Sanchez ($7000) facing the Pale Hose, coupled are my chosen path.

As for hitters, a pair of pinstripes--Carlos Beltran ($4500) and Didi Gregarious ($3600)--facing the Twins and lefty Tom Milone seem like great plays.

Remember that if you are struggling to make DFS baseball work for you, try Todd's fantastic new Daily Rankings which break down his best picks and can be tweaked to match the contest you are playing. This is a Platinum only feature.

And, don't forget, you can hit me up @lawrmichaels and also feel free to comment, flatter, cajole, ridicule, bewitch, bother, and bewilder in the comments section below. 

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