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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

It is U.S. Open week, which makes for an exciting cycle of Grand Slam golf fun for all the golf junkies of the universe. For the Open this year, we travel to the Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

The Open makes things kind of wide open, pick wise, so I did go big with nearly half my budget, but then looked carefully at points generated and cuts for all six picks.

Don't forget you can play against me and cut your chops playing $3 DraftKings Weekly Hybrid PGA.

Rory Mcllroy ($12,000): Arguably the hottest player on the tour, Mcllroy is 11 of 12 making the cut, averaging 88.5 points per tourney. 

Jordan Speith ($11,900): 83.8 points on average, 11 of 13 making the cut, and he is the defending champ.

Danny Lee ($6800): Lee is 16 of 19, averages 62.5 points, and seems to raise his game for the big tourneys.

Rafael Cabrera-Belo ($6800): 74.4 average points with 11 cuts made out of 12 tries, and he just seems to come through when I pick him.

Kyung-tae Kim ($6400): The South Korean has played in just two tourneys this season, but not only made the cut each time, but amassed a fantastic 83.8 point average over the pair. 

Yusaku Miyazato ($6100): Miyazato has only averaged 54.3 points over the pair of tourneys in which he played, but he made the cut in both, so he rounds out my low end selections.

Do remember to keep fantasy open and regulated and fair for all by writing your local lawmakers and tell them of your love of playing and desire to keep on playing. Visit the FSTA site for more information (and thanks).

By the way, don't forget to check out our deal with DraftKings where you get a lot of good baseball stuff from us along with some from DraftKings. Hit the link below for details.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts, and remember you can also hit me up @lawrmichaels.

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