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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

New to Tout Wars this year is a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and no Vickrey. Teams are still allowed $0 bids.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

daniel mengden



DMengden, Oak Seth Trachtman 186 Ron Shandler 31 Steve Moyer 77 Jason Collette 61
JMorneau, CWS Chris Liss 76      
AAlcantara, Oak Ron Shandler 37 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1    
MGonzalez, CWS Jason Collette 36 Ron Shandler 11 Seth Trachtman 1  
IDavis, Tex Mike Podhorzer 13      
MTonkin, Min Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 6      
JShuck, CWS Larry Schechter 6      
JDiekman, Tex Mike Podhorzer 1      
JBonifacio, KC Steve Moyer 1      
TCunningham, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1      
XCedeno, TB Larry Schechter 1      
EDiaz, Sea Seth Trachtman 1      


BBrach, Bal Jason Collette 21 Mike Podhorzer 1 Larry Schechter 1
JGrilli, Tor Jason Collette 21    
JCoats, CWS Larry Schechter 6    
FRodriguez, Oak Seth Trachtman 1    
VNuno, Sea Seth Trachtman 1    

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

The big transaction this week in AL Tout was not logged on the FAAB boards, but rather on the trade line where front-runner Larry Schechter adjusted what appears to be a juggernaut squad by swapping Jacoby Ellsbury and $30 in FAAB for Danny Salazar and Raymond Fuentes.

Schechter, who does have a deadly offense who have amassed 48.5 points with his hitters had the surplus, while Collette, mired in the leap frog battle of teams scrambling between second and fifth place in the league, and while the swap might help Collette's prospects, at the same time on the surface simply made the leading squad stronger.

Still, Collette's search for offensive support is understandable when we look at the top two hitters purchased as Chris Liss was willing to gamble $76 on new White Sox Justin Morneau (who is already on the DL in Chicago) while Mike Podhorzer tossed $13 at new Yankee Ike Davis, hoping the return to the Apple fuels some stats for both teams. Ron Shandler might have made the best acquisition however, nabbing Arismendy Alcalantra at $37. The new Athletic is a switch-hitting infielder/outfielder who has 32 minor league swipes.

On the pitching side, Seth Trachtman dropped the biggest wad, gambling $186 on another Athletic, Daniel Mengden (Trachtman also got Edwin Diaz for a buck) while Collette tried to compensate for the loss of Salazar buy purchasing the rights to White Sox Miguel Gonzalez for $36. On the trade flip side, Schechter then nabbed Xavier Cedeno ($1) and JB Shuck ($6) to balance his potential numbers in light of the swap. Podhorzer also tried to augment his pitching staff with Jake Diekman ($1).

Fantasy Alarm brainchild Rick Wolf and his mate Glenn Colton made a pair of moves, acquiring Michael Tonkin ($6) and Todd Cunningham ($1) while Steve Moyer rounded out the moves of the week pulling Jorge Bonifacio out of the free agent pool for a dollar.

Todd's Take

It's hard to see on the header image but you have to love Mengden's homage to Rollie Fingers.

Trades in leagues of this nature are difficult to pull off. Kudos to Larry and Jason for making the effort to find a win-win deal. First place or not, if you have excess, you should be free to deal it. It's just so hard to build up excess in a single league in today's format.

carlos estevez full



CEstevez, Col Lenny Melnick  509 Ray Guilfoyle 200 Derek Carty 122 Mike Gianella 117
    Grey Albright 111 Andy Behrens 50 Brian Walton 25
    Phil Hertz 4    
MGarza, Mil Scott Wilderman 231 Phil Hertz 4    
ZGodley, Ari Scott Wilderman 191 Andy Behrens 65 Grey Albright 30 Brian Walton 11
CCoghlan, ChC Todd Zola 117 Steve Gardner 107 Andy Behrens 99 Tristan H. Cockcroft 93
    Scott Wilderman 62 Mike Gianella 60 Derek Carty 22
    Brian Walton 3 Phil Hertz 2  
AAlmora, ChC Mike Gianella 114 Scott Wilderman 3 Phil Hertz 2  
ZEflin, Phi Mike Gianella 42      
CGearrin, SF Grey Albright 31 Phil Hertz 3 Brian Walton 1  
CStewart, Pit Todd Zola 13      
BLogan, Col Brian Walton 12 Grey Albright 5    
SDrew, Was Steve Gardner 5 Derek Carty 2 Brian Walton 2  
FMontas, LAD Ray Guilfoyle 4      
JPeterson, Atl Phil Hertz 3 Brian Walton 2    
MMargot, SD Phil Hertz 2      
AAmarista, SD Brian Walton 2      
CKuhl, Pit Lenny Melnick  1      
DWright, NYM Andy Behrens 1      
DLaw, SF Phil Hertz 0      
AOttavino, Col Phil Hertz 0      
Aliberatore, LAD Ray Guilfoyle 0      


BNorris, Atl Mike Gianella 24  
DWright, Cin Scott Wilderman 11  
TThornburg, Mil Mike Gianella 3 Grey Albright 1
ABarnes, LAD Todd Zola 3  
WContreras, ChC Phil Hertz 2  
DiHerrera, NYM Phil Hertz 2  
HRobles, NYM Mike Gianella 1  
BNimmo, NYM Phil Hertz 1  
EKratz, Pit Todd Zola 1  
JAlfaro, Phi Todd Zola 1  
TFederowicz, ChC Todd Zola 1  

Brian Walton's Commentary

After a couple of relatively quiet weeks, the pocketbooks came out Sunday evening in NL Tout.

Lenny Melnick of RotoExperts has unsuccessfully been shopping tentative closers Jason Motte and Tony Cingrani in recent weeks. Even so, he stepped up big time to replace them, pushing just over half of his full-year FAAB budget, $509, to the center of the table to add apparent new Rockies closer Carlos Estevez. Last year, the price would have been just $201 under Vickrey Rules, as the next closest bidder offered $200. I added dark-horse saves candidate Boone Logan for $12. We’ll see how this unsettled situation in Colorado evolves.

Scott Wilderman of onRoto spent a total of $422 on two starting pitchers, Zack Godley of Arizona and Matt Garza of Milwaukee, the latter ready to be activated off the disabled list, where the veteran has been all season to date. Wilderman is in an ideal position to take some mild risk as he is leading the league in both ERA and WHIP, but is tied for second-to-last in wins.

With David Wright out for six to eight weeks, his drafting owner cashed him in for FAAB reclaim this past week. I thought about grabbing the Mets third baseman and stashing him away on the DL (after a week of zero stats), but I don’t have the roster room, needing pitching help more. Andy Behrens of Yahoo did grab the oft-injured Wright for $1, a nice gambit.

Todd's Take

All season long I've been aggeessive with FAAB as I entered the season with the league's lowest total after finsihing in the basement thus being penalized the maximum allowable FAAB units, It's helped as I've received some helpful stats from players I would have otherwise eschewed for lack of a track record. Chris Coghlan has a track record - and recently it isn't good - but I'm looking to build up some depth to facilitate a potential deal, hopefully to boost either steals or saves. I don't expect a ton from Coghlan but Joe Maddon loves his Swiss Army knives and Coghlan can play all over.

tim anderson full



TAnderson, CWS Joe Pisapia 484 Zach Steinhorn 288 Fred Zinkie 180 Ray Flowers 163
    Nando DiFino 115 Al Melchior 62 Bret Sayre 42
    Scott Engel 24 Derek Van Riper 5  
JPaxton, Sea Bret Sayre 229 Scott Pianowski 211 Gene McCaffrey 172 Zach Steinhorn 88
    Derek Van Riper 77 Tim Heaney 76 Nando DiFino 72
    Scott Engel 56 Fred Zinkie 50 Cory Schwartz 38
CEstevez, Col Derek Van Riper 77 Scott Engel 61 Ray Flowers 59 Bret Sayre 46
    Tim Heaney 36 Al Melchior 33 Tim Heaney 16
BKintzler, Min Scott Engel 62 Ray Flowers 59 Bret Sayre 56 Al Melchior 48
    Derek Van Riper 17 Cory Schwartz 2  
MGonzalez, Hou Al Melchior 44 Bret Sayre 0    
AGarcia, Atl Nando DiFino 41      
ROhlendorf, Cin Tim Heaney 36      
DEspinosa, Was Bret Sayre 32 Scott Pianowski 3    
DMengden, Oak Al Melchior 32 Cory Schwartz 12 Scott Engel 9 Derek Van Riper 1
KSuzuki, Min Scott Pianowski 22      
MBoyd, Det Derek Van Riper 22      
JGrilli, Tor Ray Flowers 19      
SOh, StL Gene McCaffrey 17 Ray Flowers 13 Derek Van Riper 1 Cory Schwartz 1
    Fred Zinkie 0    
TKoehler, Mia Cory Schwartz 15 Derek Van Riper 2    
KPlawecki, NYM Scott Engel 4      
KNieuwenhuis, Mil Scott Engel 4      
CVazquez, Bos Gene McCaffrey 3 Scott Pianowski 9    
TBrown, SF Scott Pianowski 1      
SKelley, Was Cory Schwartz 1      
HPerez, Mil Derek Van Riper 0      
ZGodley, Ari Fred Zinkie 0 Derek Van Riper 3    


CStewart, Pit Scott Pianowski 13  
DRoss, ChC Scott Pianowski 5  
TBarnhart, Cin Scott Pianowski 4 Gene McCaffrey 3
MGonzalez, CWS Derek Van Riper 1  
KHerrera, KC Derek Van Riper 1  
SLeon, Bos Scott Pianowski 0  
MGivens, Bal Cory Schwartz 0  
JIglesias, Det Bret Sayre 0  
GPetit, LAA Bret Sayre 0  
DGregorius, NYY Bret Sayre 0  
DGarneau, Col Scott Pianowski 0  
CCoghlan, ChC Derek Van Riper 0  
BHand, SD Cory Schwartz 0  
BBrach, Bal Cory Schwartz 0  

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Tired of waiting for the Nationals to call up Trea Turner for good, I decided that I would bid aggressively on Tim Anderson, who I figured would at least provide similar production to Turner in the stolen base category, which is all bunched up right now. Oh, and then there's the small detail that Anderson is actually in the Majors and playing every day while Turner is stuck in Triple-A. Hey, maybe after winning Anderson, I could even trade Turner. But how much would I bid on Anderson? Somewhere in the low 300's was my initial plan. But there were questions about his plate discipline, and as the saying goes, you can't steal first base, so I ultimately settled on $288. If the winning bid turned out to be $298, I would've been annoyed, but Joe Pisapia relieved me of a lot of frustration, topping my second place bid by almost 200 bucks. Maybe Anderson will prove to be worth the $484, but I wasn't going near that number, so I'm fine with this.

After getting knocked around in his first start of the season, James Paxton has allowed just one earned run combined over his last two starts, spanning 12 1/3 innings, to go along with 17 strikeouts. The former top prospect has been plagued by health woes throughout much of his early big league career, but perhaps he is finally on the verge of achieving his potential. I would certainly bid on him this week, but with Tout Wars rules requiring that all players added via FAAB must be in active lineups for at least the first week following the acquisition, the new Paxton owner would be forced to start him against the Red Sox in Fenway Park. That's a scary matchup, and I wasn't desperate for a starting pitcher. Anyway, I figured that Archie Bradley was a decent FAAB value comp to Paxton, and since Bradley went for $86 two weeks ago, $88 could be enough to win Paxton. Not even close. As was the case with Anderson, I don't mind missing out on Paxton since I would never have considered bidding $229. But going forward, rather than routinely going into sticker shock, maybe I need to rethink my valuation of players under the new $1000 FAAB system.

Todd's Take

The secret is out, Seung Hwan Oh is really good. Maybe because Trevor Rosenthal has been sputtering a little but Oh's name has been dotting a lot of FAAB pickup lists, both in the industry and high stakes arena. Usage is a concern as he's on a pace for about 90 innings which is a ton for a reliever. If you need some ratio support with more strikeouts than most bullpen arms, Oh's your guy.

peter obrien full 



TAnderson, CWS Rick Wilton 201 Anthony Perri 76 Adam Ronis 38 Tom Kessenich 15
POBrien, Ari Tom Kessenich 195 Adam Ronis 39 Charlie Wiegert 1  
CEstevez, Col Tim McLeod 117 Rudy Gamble 113 Grey Albright 111 Adam Ronis 63
    Ray Murphy 44 Craig Mish 31  
YVentura, KC Ray Murphy 56      
BMoss, StL Tim McLeod 47 Tom Kessenich 45 Anthony Perri 45 Charlie Wiegert 44
    Perry Van Hook 7 Rick Wilton 6 Craig Mish 5
    Eno Sarris 3 Adam Ronis 3  
BLogan, Col Tom Kessenich 45 Grey Albright 5    
FAbad, Min Perry Van Hook 37 Adam Ronis 23 Ray Murphy 22  
RNolasco, Min Stacie Stern 33      
TAnderson, Col Rick Wilton 31      
TChatwood, Col Adam Ronis 21 Perry Van Hook 7 Rick Wilton 1  
BKintzler, Min Ray Murphy 12 Rudy Gamble 12    
CBYoung, Bos Rick Wilton 10 Perry Van Hook 7 Tom Kessenich 3  
JSmoak, Tor Rudy Gamble 8 Tom Kessenich 15    
ZGodley, Ari Perry Van Hook 7 Grey Albright 30 Rick Wilton 6 Craig Mish 2
MGonzalez, Hou Charlie Wiegert 4 Rick Wilton 6    
ISuzuki, Mia Rick Wilton 4 Craig Mish 2    
CGearrin, SF Craig Mish 4 Grey Albright 31    
DMengden, Oak Craig Mish 4      
CIannetta, Sea Charlie Wiegert 3 Craig Mish 2 Perry Van Hook 0  
DEspinosa, Was Adam Ronis 1 Tom Kessenich 15    
SLeon, Bos Perry Van Hook 0      


CFriedrich, SD Ray Murphy 6  
CCuthbert, KC Charlie Wiegert 4  
AAvila, CWS Charlie Wiegert 2  
JPeavy, SF Stacie Stern 2  
MJoyce, Pit Rick Wilton 2  
RRua, Tex Tom Kessenich 2  
YAlonso, Oak Tom Kessenich 2  
AOttavino, Col Craig Mish 1  
CCoghlan, ChC Charlie Wiegert 1  
CYoung, KC Stacie Stern 1  
RRaburn, Col Rick Wilton 1  
TLincecum, LAA Craig Mish 1  
TThornburg, Mil Grey Albright 1  
CStewart, Pit Perry Van Hook 0 Charlie Wiegert 0
CRuiz, Phi Charlie Wiegert 0  
HConger, TB Perry Van Hook 0  
HStrickland, SF Adam Ronis 0  
SClevenger, Sea Perry Van Hook 0  
TFlowers, Atl Perry Van Hook 0  

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

A pair of high bids on a duo of very appetizing minor league call-ups led the FAAB battle in Mixed Tout this past week.

Tim Anderson, who usurped Jimmy Rollins at shortstop for the Pale Hose (and who stole forty nine bases last year at Birmingham) drew the high bid of $201 from Rick Wilton. Not far behind was Peter O'Brien, the minor league leader in home runs so far this season, called up by Arizona and won for $195 by Tom Kessenich.

Then, there were lots of bids on uncertain closers as well, the problem being that this week's stopper in Colorado or Minnesota might well be a party to a time share or succession in both camps. The Rockies win Sunday fostered Tim McLeod to bid $117 on Carlos Estevez, while Tom Kessenich landed Boone Logan for $45.

With Kevin Jepsen cast aside by the Twins and Glen Perkins still ailing the battle of closer by committee to on a micro contest with Ray Murphy grabbing Brandon Kintzler for $12 while I rostered Fernando Abad for a pricier $37. Keep an eye on J.T. Chargois, the Twins best minor league saves option. Chargois was called up Friday then sent back down over the weekend.

I had thought I could get what I needed by bidding lucky $7 for an outfielder and a starting pitcher, augmenting that by listing a string of catchers to fill in for Francisco Cervelli for $0 bids. (If you look askance at my list remember that Tout leagues use on base percentage instead of batting average which changes the spotlight on my choices.).

My top backstop bid could have been for Cervelli's replacement Chris Stewart atop my list but I listed him below Sandy Leon who should at least split at bats with Christian Vazquez while Ryan Hannigan and Blake Swihart try to get off the DL.

I did win my preferred starter, getting Diamondbacks Zack Godley for the $7, who won Saturday and has a very nice match-up in Philadelphia next week. But, I failed to land either Brandon Moss or Chris B. Young for small bids.

BTW, I knew the $7 gambit wouldn't work for any of the closer candidates, thus the $37 bid on Abad who in my opinion is not only a much better pitcher than Kintzler, but one I have seen pitch far too many times to want to him active for the coming week per Tout rules.

Todd's Take

While putting the report together, I though uh oh, Rick Wilton inadvertently bid on the wrong TAnderson. Then I remembered Tyler Anderson made his debut for the Rockies on Sunday, and pitched quite well, albeit against the Sab Diego Padres. While it's hard to recommend any Colorado arm other than Jon Gray, Anderson did a good job preventing homers in the minors. Not to mention, there comes a time during the season where a decision must be made if you're scuffling in ratios. Sometimes it's best to divest your squad of all solid arms, ostensibly to improve hitting then bully up whiffs and wins using the dregs no one else wants. The cost of acquisition is minimal and often this path results in more points, once your ratios are beyond the point of no return.


james paxton full




JPaxton, Sea Paul Sporer 111 Jake Ciely 20 Peter Kreutzer 11
DDuffy, KC Paul Sporer 88 Brent Hershey 85 Peter Kreutzer 12
BSnell, TB Brent Hershey 51    
MFeliz, Hou Paul Sporer 44    
TAnderson, CWS Peter Kreutzer 33    
WHarris, Hou Jake Ciely 25    
MMontero, ChC Michael Beller 23    
TChatwood, Col Jeff Boggis 21    
RGrossman, Min Peter Kreutzer 17    
TJoseph, Phi Jake Ciely 15    
PStrop, ChC Paul Sporer 6 Peter Kreutzer 3  
JEickhoff, Phi Andrea LaMont 4    
CEstevez, Col Andrea LaMont 3    
CRupp, Phi Howard Bender 1    


JGray, Col Jake Ciely 15
JSegura, Ari Peter Kreutzer 4
WMerrifield, KC Peter Kreutzer 3
JJay, SD Peter Kreutzer 2

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

The H2H league is showing evidence of two contradictory trends.

Not many bidders is No. 1. Lots of money spent is No. 2.

I entered this week, having just crushed Jeff Mans' team 5-1, with some serious problems.

Brandon Drury appears to be headed to the minors.

Brad Miller isn't really pulling his OBP weight. He's on reserve, but Jose Ramirez hasn't been killing it either. Moving him to reserve was an option.

I had a relief pitcher heavy staff last week. I can do that because I've made my innings, but two high-strikeout starters were on the waiver wire, so I bid for them. Here's what happened.

Reserve Drury. Bid modestly (17 of 1000) on Robbie Grossman. Won.

Reserve Ramirez. Bid modestly (33 of 1000) on Tim Anderson. Won.

I didn't win my bids on either Danny Duffy or James Paxton. Both went for fair prices, but much more than my depleted budget could reasonably afford. That's the way auctions go.

Paul Sporer bought Paxton for $111. The next highest bid was Jake Ciely's $20. I bid $11.

Sporer bought Duffy, too, for $88. That's fine, he can afford it. Michael Beller could too, but he decided to bid $87. He's surely kicking himself, and will do so more if Duffy continues to be so effective.

Sporer also bought Pedro Strop for $6. I was in on him for $3. It was a day that Paul bought most of the pitchers.

But not all. The surprising Jerad Eickhoff went to Andrea LaMont for $4, and Jeff Boggis picked up the even more surprising Tyler Chatwood for $21.

I only bring this up because I wonder what's going to happen when Tyler Chatwood pitches to Whit Merrifield? Surely not fisticuffs. Maybe some whist.

Todd's Take

Maybe I'm wrong but looking at the bids the last couple of weeks and the team composition of those winning players, it appears the crew is catching on to the nuances of the head to head format and massaging their teams to win the week as opposed to the roto mantra of balance. Some are using a lot of starting pitchers which goes against the grain, but if you can pull it off and still hang in the ratio categories, which are tilted to relievers in this scoring, you can take both the counting stats and ratios. It's the high-risk, high reward path but can work.

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