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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

toutwarslogo new

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

There are five Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League, 15-team Mixed Draft League and a brand new 12-team Mixed Auction Head to head format. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average with the Head to Head league also using other unique categories. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

New to Tout Wars this year is a $1000 free agent acquisition budget (FAAB) and no Vickrey. Teams are still allowed $0 bids.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR was posted earlier.

franklin gutierrez full



WMerrifield, KC Ron Shandler 187 Larry Schechter 106 Chris Liss 56 Jeff Erickson 31
    Seth Trachtman 30 Steve Moyer 27  
FGutierrez, Sea Chris Liss 166 Jeff Erickson 117 Jason Collette 31 Ron Shandler 28
    Steve Moyer 27 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1  
LSardinas, Sea Larry Schechter 42 Seth Trachtman 15 Ron Shandler 11  
ARomine, NYY Jason Collette 41 Ron Shandler 29 Seth Trachtman 1  
BEibner, KC Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 31 Steve Moyer 27    
PDean, Min Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 31 Steve Moyer 27    
MBoyd, Det Steve Moyer 27 Jason Collette 17 Seth Trachtman 16  
TMotter, TB Seth Trachtman 26 Jeff Erickson 11    
BKintzler, Min Jason Collette 4      
FAbad, Min Patrick Davitt 1      
DButera, KC Seth Trachtman 1      
MBush, Tex Seth Trachtman 1      


OArcia, Min Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 26
MTonkin, Min Jason Collette 5
LHochevar, KC Jason Collette 2
JSmolinksi, Oak Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
SOMalley, Sea Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
JBandy, LAA Seth Trachtman 1
MGonzalez, CWS Seth Trachtman 1
SRobinson, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0
JHoying, Tex Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

Though more active than LABR AL this week, the American League Touts were still quiet on the whole with eight teams making acquisitions as opposed to just six in LABR, although several moves involved players common to both roto leagues.

Ron Shandler made the big pick-up grabbing Whit Merrifield for $187 clams, nearly 19% of his total FAAB budget, as compared to the $9/9% the Royals infielder fetched in LABR, while Seth Trachtmen nabbed Tyler Motter for $26 ($4 in LABR) along with Drew Butera and Matt Bush, each for a buck.

Jason Collette dropped $41 on Austin Romine--now the sixth catcher to grace his roster this season--along with making a stab at Twins hurler Brandon Kintzler for a dollar.

Chris Liss grabbed Franklin Gutierrez who should see steady playing time for $166 while Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton spent $31 each on Brett Eibner and another Twins pitcher in Pat Dean.

Steve Moyer dropped $27 on Matt Boyd while Patrick Davitt went to Fernando Abad ($1) while reserving Kelvin Herrera in a move to strengthen his bullpen depth.

Rounding out the moves, Larry Schechter bought Luis Sardinas ($42) giving Ryan Goins--whose future playing time is questionable--a chance to chill on his reserve list.

Todd's Take

Quality, not quantity is the theme. It may have been a quiet week in terms of number of bids but there are two, perhaps up to four hitters that can really help a deep league. We touched on Merrifield in the LABR report. As Lawr suggested, Gutierrez is in line for more playing time with Leonys Martin hitting the DL. Sticking with the Mariners, Luis Sardinas has displaced Chris Taylor as Ketel Marte's proxy thus will be steady playing time for at least another week. Finally, the injury-riddled Royals summoned Brett Eibner to help offset the losses of Mike Moustakas, Alex Gordon and now Sal Perez. Eibner's playing time is up-in-the-air but it's definitely worth the minimal investment necessary to see how much he plays.

james loney full



JLoney, NYM Andy Behrens 291 Phil Hertz 33  
CTorres, Mil Steve Gardner 25 Phil Hertz 0  
FRivero, Was Steve Gardner 15 Mike Gianella 3  
GGarcia, StL Steve Gardner 14 Phil Hertz 0  
MRojas, Mia Phil Hertz 2    
JGrimm, ChC Mike Gianella 2 Andy Behrens 0  
JBroxton, StL Mike Gianella 2    
ChJohnson, Mia Grey Albright 1 Andy Behrens 61 Phil Hertz 0


CGillespie, Mia Andy Behrens 15  
BHand, SD Steve Gardner 5  
YPetit, Was Mike Gianella 1 Steve Gardner 0
CFriedrich, SD Phil Hertz 1  
CHeisey, Was Grey Albright 1  
EJackson, Mia Mike Gianella 1  
JLopez, SF Steve Gardner 1  
SDrew, Was Grey Albright 1  
TWood, ChC Mike Gianella 1  
ABlanco, Phi Phil Hertz 0  
CWithrow, Atl Andy Behrens 0  
JBlevins, NYM Steve Gardner 0  
LColeman, LAD Steve Gardner 0  
TCahill, ChC Steve Gardner 0 Phil Hertz 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

When San Diego signed James Loney to a minor league deal at the start of the season, I grabbed the first baseman to stash away. A month later, I was discouraged by his tepid minor league results and used his precious reserve spot on another. Now that Loney is a new New York Met, replacing injured Lucas Duda, his guaranteed at-bats led to a very aggressive bid of $291 from Andy Behrens of Yahoo. With the scrapping of Vickrey bidding this year, that is the cost for Loney, rather than $1 more than the second-highest bidder, who offered just $33. In other words, the year-to-year difference gobbled up over 25 percent of Behrens’ full-year FAAB budget.

Former Mets reliever Carlos Torres picked up a pair of saves for the Brewers this past week, though well-traveled Blaine Boyer earned Sunday’s save. Jeremy Jeffress has been solid this season, so the $25 bid from USA TODAY’s Steve Gardner is to secure a potential new closer-in-waiting in Torres.

I remained on the sidelines this period, satisfied with having held onto Arizona prospect Archie Bradley, who had a strong start on Sunday in his return to the majors. The right-hander has moved into my active lineup for the coming week.

Todd's Take

Yikes, that head-shot of Loney looks creepy with the image background blending with the web page. I just have an OCD-like need to use a photo with the current team and there isn't anything available in a Met's uni yet and that was the best I could come up with, cropping out the Tampa jersey.

Who is FRivero and why did he garner bids from a pair of astute owners? That's Washington Nationals reliever Felipe Rivero who as emerged as the top set up man to Jonathan Papelbon which comes with the distinction of being next in line for saves even as a lefty. Rivero debuted as a 23-year old last year, recording an impressive 2.79 ERA and 0.95 WHIP in a modest 48 1/3rd frames. He did a great job keeping the ball in the yard, allowing only two homers. Rivero, who throws hard, averaging 95 mph on his heater, has been scored on in only 6 of his 25 appearances through Sunday night but sports a high 3.91 ERA since two of those were three-run blow-ups. The southpaw has a hold in seven of his last eight efforts including the last five. With a 28-to-5 strikeout to walk ratio in 23 innings, Rivero is useful in this format even if he doesn't get any saves.

So much for grabbing Trevor Gott as a reserve in a bunch of early drafts.

archie bradley full



ABradley, Ari Tim Heaney 86 Scott Engel 16 Fred Zinkie 5  
MShoemaker, LAA Scott Pianowski 77 Tim Heaney 86 Fred Zinkie 69 Al Melchior 57
    Scott Swanay 44 Scott Engel 43 Derek Van Riper 37
AReed, NYM Scott Pianowski 65      
LMorrison, TB Cory Schwartz 57 Ray Flowers 37 Scott Swanay 13 Tim Heaney 12
    Scott Engel 9 Derek Van Riper 2 Fred Zinkie 1
POrlando, KC Ray Flowers 47 Tim Heaney 6 Cory Schwartz 0  
HKim, Bal Scott Swanay 44 Ray Flowers 37 Al Melchior 31  
AReyes, StL Bret Sayre 41 Tim Heaney 16    
RGrossman, Min Cory Schwartz 32 Al Melchior 16 Tim Heaney 6 Fred Zinkie 1
FGutierrez, Sea Derek Van Riper 21 Al Melchior 11    
LValbuena, Hou Tim Heaney 12      
GBlanco, SF Fred Zinkie 8      
WMerrifield, KC Fred Zinkie 5 Scott Pianowski 5 Scott Engel 4  
RDickey, Tor Derek Van Riper 2      
BWilson, Tex Fred Zinkie 0      
TKemp, Hou Al Melchior 0      
PDean, Min Fred Zinkie 0 Derek Van Riper 1    


MBourn, Ari Cory Schwartz 22 Scott Swanay 13 Tim Heaney 6
CAnderson, Mil Tim Heaney 16 Derek Van Riper 2  
BShipley, Ari Tim Heaney 16    
GBeckham, Atl Scott Swanay 13    
KGraveman, Oak Tim Heaney 11    
AJackson, CWS Tim Heaney 6 Cory Schwartz 1  
MTaylor, Was Tim Heaney 6    
JParker, SF Tim Heaney 6    
RBuchter, SD Derek Van Riper 2    
MFeliz, Hou Derek Van Riper 2    
JLocke, Pit Derek Van Riper 2    
TAnderson, CWS Fred Zinkie 2    
TMotter, TB Tim Heaney 2    
MByrd, Cle Cory Schwartz 1    
CCoghlan, Oak Cory Schwartz 1    
SOh, StL Derek Van Riper 1    
KNieuwenhuis, Mil Cory Schwartz 0    
ISuzuki, Mia Cory Schwartz 0    
CAnderson, Mil Fred Zinkie 0    

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Archie Bradley has yet to prove that he deserves a permanent spot in a big league rotation, but he's still just 23, and maybe Sunday's dominant performance against the Padres is a sign that he has turned the corner. The injury to Rubby De La Rosa will allow Bradley to make at least a handful of starts for the Diamondbacks over the next few weeks, and considering his high-end potential, it would not be surprising if the top prospect seizes the opportunity and remains in the Majors for good. Bradley certainly belongs on a Tout Wars roster, though I'd temper expectations for his next start, a tough road matchup against the Cubs.

Speaking of top starting pitching prospects, Alex Reyes, who has just returned to action following a lengthy suspension, has been lights out over his first two starts for Triple-A Memphis, registering a 1.00 ERA to go along with 15 strikeouts across nine innings. There's a good chance that the 21-year-old will make his big league debut at some point this season, and it's looking like his time will come sooner rather than later. I like what Bret Sayre did here, grabbing Reyes now while his FAAB cost is modest.

Todd's Take

It's a little surprising Hyun-Soo Kim didn't attract more attention, especially in an on-base percentage league. Recall in the spring the Orioles literally tried to give the Korean back to his homeland but he declined. Kim found himself on the Baltimore bench with Joey Rickard claiming left field to open the campaign. It took a while but Rickard's 15 minutes lasted a little longer than many thought. Kim has been playing regularly for over a week and is responding. Will he play every day? Probably not, but he's looking like the latent source of OBP he profiled as back in the spring. Keep in mind that's his game - good plate skills as opposed to the power expected from Byung-ho Park. Kim's been hitting second so he's also a nice source of runs.

matt shoemaker full



MShoemaker, LAA Adam Ronis 112 Perry Van Hook 32 Eno Sarris 13  
CSabathia, NYY Adam Ronis 66 Adam Ronis 77 Anthony Perri 3  
LMorrison, TB Ray Murphy 55 Tim McLeod 18 Perry Van Hook 3 Rudy Gamble 3
WMerrifield, KC Ray Murphy 55 Perry Van Hook 0    
CUtley, LAD Tim McLeod 22      
MBourn, Ari Perry Van Hook 17 Eno Sarris 3    
JLowrie, Oak Rudy Gamble 16      
JJay, SD Eno Sarris 11      
RGrossman, Min Eno Sarris 6      
TMotter, TB Ray Murphy 3      
TJoseph, Phi Tim McLeod 3      
MReynolds, Col Rudy Gamble 3      
SRodriguez, Pit Perry Van Hook 2      
CVazquez, Bos Rudy Gamble 2      
PDean, Min Perry Van Hook 2      
DFister, Hou Craig Mish 1      


GBeckham, Atl Tim McLeod 9
AHechavarria, Mia Ray Murphy 3
DGregorius, NYY Ray Murphy 3
JMercer, Pit Ray Murphy 3
LChisenhall, Cle Eno Sarris 3
SSmith, Sea Rudy Gamble 3
HKim, Bal Eno Sarris 1
AGarcia, Atl Perry Van Hook 0
RRua, Tex Perry Van Hook 0

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

A low number of free agents were rostered this week with both of the high bids going to starting pitchers looking to make big rebounds from early season woes. Matt Shoemaker already has begun to right his ship, costing Adam Ronis $112. But, Ronis doubled down on a $66 bet that C.C. Sabathia's remake could stay on course in a two-start week.

There were two winning double nickel bids netting Ray Murphy both Royals utilityman Whit Merrifield, with the resurgent Tampa first sacker Logan Morrison.

I bid $32 on Shoemaker, which was clearly an underbid, but wound up with Twins starter Pat Dean for $2, hoping his start in Oakland will be close to his fine effort last week. I also landed Michael "re-Bourn" in Arizona, hoping the outfielder will have a full week of play before David Peralta is back from his rehab outings.

Todd's Take

So what's gotten into Matt Shoemaker? Over his first seven starts he fanned 22 as compared to 23 in his last two outings. There's a couple of differences in his approach, notably more reliance on his splitter and the ability to dial it up an extra couple of mph. Perhaps it was a matter of confidence, but nearly half of Shoemaker's tosses the past two games have been splitters with only 33 percent fastballs. Earlier he was throwing the heater more than half the time with the splitter checking in about 20 percent. As mentioned, he's touched 94/95 his last two appearances after maxing in the 91-93 range earlier. This is all well and good - the question being whether he can sustain it? With the safety of pitcher-friendly Angels Stadium at his back and Mike Trout and company warming up at the dish, I agree with those paying decent FAAB to find out.

jake lamb full



JLamb, Ari Brent Hershey 95 Peter Kreutzer 33 Jake Ciely 20
MShoemaker, LAA Jake Ciely 25    
JoRamirez, Cle Peter Kreutzer 24    
JTomlin, Cle Andrea LaMont 14 Jake Ciely 15  
KBarraclough, Mia Howard Bender 14    
CUtley, LAD Jeff Boggis 11    
SOh, StL Howard Bender 11 Peter Kreutzer 4 Jeff Zimmerman 1
MGivens, Bal Howard Bender 11    
TThornburg, Mil Peter Kreutzer 5    
NMarkakis, Atl Jeff Zimmerman 3    
DPhelps, Mia Peter Kreutzer 3    
KMaeda, LAD Jeff Zimmerman 2    
MTonkin, Min Peter Kreutzer 2    


YSolarte, SD Brent Hershey 51  
NTropeano, LAA Jake Ciely 15  
ENunez, Min Peter Kreutzer 14 Jeff Boggis 11
JDiekman, Tex Howard Bender 6  
RBuchter, SD Howard Bender 2 Peter Kreutzer 2
AReed, NYM Peter Kreutzer 2  
FRivero, Was Peter Kreutzer 2  
KSiegrist, StL Peter Kreutzer 2  
MFeliz, Hou Jeff Zimmerman 1 Peter Kreutzer 1
PStrop, ChC Howard Bender 1  

Peter Kreutzer's Commentary

This week, after taking a schlumping from Andrea LaMont, the Rotolady, I saw a flaw in my approach.

My hitters are pretty good, but not great. Some weeks I may win there, some I may lose, but my team is stronger if I can win three categories in pitching. The best chance to do that is with relievers.

Relievers are less reliable, and less influential, but in a three qualitative game they matter a lot. Especially when you have, as I do, the king of starters, Jake Arrieta. Well, no, not last week.

So this week I bagged all my promising but erratic starters and added relievers.

So did Howard Bender. He picked up strikeout king and walk king Kyle Barraclough, plus a couple of other relievers named Givens and Oh. Tout rules require 450 innings for a team to score more than 1 in ERA, WHIP and K/9/. Howard has 431 IP this half, so he's going to make it. I have 380, which means I have to put up 70 innings in the next five weeks. We can do that, and I hope do better in the week to weeks.

Brent Hershey, our leader, who lost Mike Moustakas, bid big on Jake Lamb. I was second bidder, after I realized I could make a hole for him by moving Machado to middle infield. Too late, and 60 FAAB dollars short.

I think the week's most interesting move belongs to Jeff Boggis, who swapped out Brandon Phillips for Chase Utley. That could go either way, easily, but Jeff did it. Good luck!

Todd's Take

Excellent timing that Peter's theme was the utility of middle relievers as I've been thinking a lot about that lately. Part of the Platinum offering is weekly projection updates. It's my nature to care as much about the Kyle Barracloughs and Tyler Thornburgs as the Clayton Kershaws and Jake Arrietas. I wish there was a way to make them an integral part of all fantasy formats - not just those tilted to ratio, or as Peter calls them, qualitative categories.

A while back I ran some numbers and observed using KNIP (K per Nine and Innings Pitched) to replace wins and saves rendered a list that distributed middle relievers more evenly among closers. I wrote about it but obviously it got no traction.

Now I have another idea that will likely garner a similar lack of attention. Some leagues already break the pitching pool into starters and relievers, requiring X number of starters and Y number of relievers, sometimes with Z number of one or the other. Why not further delineate into starter, middle and closer? Keeping the standard number of nine hurlers, perhaps 5 starters, 1 middle, 1 closer and 2 "utility" pitchers that can be any of the three.

Eligibility isn't an issue. Starter versus reliever is determined by which the pitcher did more the previous season in terms of appearances. Then everyone with at least five (or ten, or whatever) saves the previous year qualifies at closer. A reliever can gain starter eligibility with five starts or closer designation with five saves. Just like hitters, pitchers retain their original eligibility.

I can hear the counter arguments...

Doing this eliminates the strategy of dumping saves. Yeah, maybe - but the additional planning with regards to how to use the three designations adds so much more.

Saves are dumb. Drafting closers is a crapshoot. Well, so are second catchers.

In my eyes, the game has become so specialized that a middle reliever is every much a position as shortstop. Why not account for that in our fantasy roster requirements?

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