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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

It is indeed Friday, and a holiday weekend. The Stanley Cup Finals loom, and the NBA Finals get underway next week. Pretty soon it will be time to report to NFL mini-camp, and in baseball, one-third of the season has indeed passed and we have a solid body of stats on which to try and base the path of our season-long teams.

But, in the world of DFS, every day is a new season, although the aforementioned body of stats certainly can be exploited and that means you can try to lick me at RealTime's weekly "Beat the Experts" contest, where you get a chance to outsmart 198 other DFS players and me (no entry fee with a $2 payout if you can beat my score).

There is the rain potential, largely in the midwest, challenging contests in Kansas City, Denver, and Arlington.

There are some interesting pitching choices, and I have to default to Felix Hernandez ($8800) against the Twins and their 335 whiffs (third worst in MLB) coupled with Adam Conley ($6100) facing the Braves, who draw the most whiffs against Southpaws.

For hitters, as much as I try to align with the Athletics, rookie Sean Manaea faces the Tigers, so I like Nick Castellanos ($4300) and Victor Martinez ($4800) to have the advantage.

I do like my plays both here, where you can try to beat my picks, and as part of the Tout Wars Challenge, where I am mired in the middle of the pack and need some low percentage selections to sneak past my mates and earn a golden ticket to the playoffs. 

Remember that if you are struggling to make DFS baseball work for you, try Todd's fantastic new Daily Rankings which break down his best picks and can be tweaked to match the contest you are playing. This is a Platinum only feature.

And, don't forget, you can hit me up @lawrmichaels and also feel free to comment, flatter, cajole, ridicule, bewitch, bother, and bewilder in the comments section below. 

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