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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

If you checked out my Zen Zone piece on Sunday, you might have noted that I wrote about Dallas Braden's perfect game, and how amazing that is, but also noted that I went to a little league game. And, the end result is that the beauty of baseball is it is all the same game, and you never really know what you will get.

So, let's play a little "good game/bad game," for certainly, last Sunday, was the best game I have ever attented.

I say that because technically it was the best defended, and as a perfect game, that is a logical choice. I mean, no one got on base. But, the whole thing was so surreal, unfurling, pitch by pitch, out by out, before those of us in attendence. And then that rarest of rare feats came to fruition.

I write that noting that I have seen some other pretty good games. And, players.

I saw Rickey Henderson break Lou Brock's stolen base record. I have attended a couple each of All Star Games (both went extra innings) and World Series games. I got to see Mays and Mantle and Aaron and McCovey and Marichal and Musial and Killabrew and Koufax and Drysdale, pretty much all in their prime, in person.

But, the perfeco had magic.

So, for many of us who worked Tuesday's Giants/Padres affair last Tuesday, the high was still there (both local teams were off Monday) as generally the folks you see in one pressbox are the folks you would see in any other  local press box.

Making the game more promising was the matchup of Barry Zito (5-0, 1.49 ) and Wade LeBlanc (20, 1.16), two starters who have been excellent this year. It was a nice spring night. Both teams battling for first place. What better set-up could there be?

Well, set-up is the word, for just as the outcome of the Braden/Fields match-up Sunday because for the most part the Tuesday game was one of the worst I have ever attended.

For example, during his perfect game, Braden tossed a total of 107 pitches during his appearance last Sunday. Well, Zito, who in fairness had been terrific so far this year, threw 106 pitches through five innings, walking seven, when he as mercifully yanked, down 3-2.

As is LeBlanc, who had thrown 96 over 4.2 innings when he was yanked, was much more efficient.

If you are counting, that makes over 200 pitches over less than five innings, and, well, the only word I can describe what a game like this is like is torture.

Between the two teams, over nine innings, 26 runners were left on base, and yet, amazingly the final score remained  somewhat anemic 3-2 that existed when both of the starters were pulled.

Maybe the most emblamatic play was an error charged to Pablo Sandoval in the eighth. It was barely a pop fly that he somehow lost in the lights and then Juan Uribe flubbed.

When the game was over,  it was requested that the OS review that play again to see if perhaps the ball was a hit. After reviewing the play,  David Bush said "That might not have been an error, but it certainly was not a hit."

Dead on.

It is kind of funny to me that after seeing the best game ever, I saw the worst game ever. But, again, it does illustrate again that beauty of baseball, that you never know what you will see.

In fact, now that I think about it, Tuesday was an awful game, but I still had a great time.

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