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Sunday 25th Feb 2018

It is the ever confusing Friday the 13th (is it lucky, or is the date so anti-lucky that it has become lucky in and of itself?) and complicating the cosmic giggle within RealTime's weekly "Beat the Experts" contest, where you get a chance to outsmart 198 other DFS players and me (no entry fee with a $2 payout if you can beat my score).

To start, rain is threatening in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, along with Kansas City, so make sure and check your rosters and the weather reports, pushing to your pivot plays as appropriate.

Earlier in the week, I gambled on Jaime Garcia as my pitcher, and the reality is Garcia, pitching against the Angels, did well with seven innings and no earned runs. Unfortunately, in the 10-team 50/50 Tourney in which I played, eight other owners rostered Max Scherzer on his 20-strikeout day. Meaning first, there was not a lot I could do to fix the results aside from having selected Scherzer. But, second, all the results prove it is very difficult to win a daily contest without a strong starting hurler assembling a strong performance to support the hits and walks and ideally dingers.

So, that makes it tough to not grab Chris Sale ($9700) as a starter against the Yankees, whose bats have awakened some, but who hit just .245 against southpaws and have the eighth worst strikeout rate against said lefties. But, to support Sale, I am going Gio Gonzalez ($7100) who is reasonably priced, has great numbers, although the Nats are facing the Fish who are pretty good (.274) at hitting left-handers. But, in deference to facing Tom Koehler and his 5.89 ERA, and understanding how powerful a lead can be, I am going Gio.

As for hitters, Yoenis Cespedes ($5400), facing Jon Gray in Coors, is just too tough to pass up.

Remember that if you are struggling to make DFS baseball work for you, try Todd's fantastic new Daily Rankings which break down his best picks and can be tweaked to match the contest your are playing. This is a Platinum only feature.

And, don't forget, you can hit me up @lawrmichaels and also feel free to comment, flatter, cajole, ridicule, bewitch, bother, and bewilder in the comments section below. 

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