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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

Welcome to Week 2 of RealTime's weekly challenge where you get to try and beat me in an H2H DFS format that is a freebie to enter, and can pay you a massive $2 if you can beat my score. Which means, how can you lose in a perfect opportunity to cut some chops if you are new to DFS, or simply try to pad your bankroll if you are experienced?

Things like standings and numbers don't really get into a groove, let alone stabilize for most fantasy players and teams until May and the combination of warmer months and players getting into the all important groove of timing, making it tough to have any kind of normal expectations from players all around.

That said, in general pitchers do have a little advantage over batters dealing with a 92 MPH slider and 40 degree weather, and that suggests a potentially dominant hurler facing a team trying to get into the zone is a good bet.

So, I like Zack Greinke ($9400) facing the largely anemic Padres in San Diego. True, Greinke has been roughed up his first pair of starts, but a safe chance to establish his game (and prove the hurler was worth his massive contract) in a pitcher's environ against a team with a .291 OBP and 81 strikeouts--sixth worst in the league--thus far makes for that opportunity.

For a second starter, I favor Garrett Richards ($8900) going against an offense even more paltry thus far, that of the Twins.

While I realize Minnesota, who has an MLB worst 1.62 runs scored per game to go along with 88 team whiffs (fourth worst) and a .287 OBP, will bust out on someone, I similarly suspect Richards won't be the guy.

Since I spent 37% of my budget on arms, splitting up the hitting money somewhat evenly seemed the logical path, so though no bangers, I did try to take advantage of the pitching/hitting/righty/lefty match-ups.

On the more expensive side, Jacoby Ellsbury ($5000) facing Nate Karns (7.20 ERA) and averaging 3.34 points a game is a nice play, and on the cheap end, Ryan Goins ($2900) is hitting .321 marking time for Devon Travis. Goins--who has been hitting the ball hard--faces Rick Porcello, who had a 4.92 ERA in 2015, a 9.97 ERA this past spring, and a 6.00 ERA thus far in 2016. Baseball is a funny game, but that move seems safe enough.

If you haven't played daily, it is indeed a lot of fun, and the RealTime contest allows for 200 entries, so take the challenge and try to get those bragging rights.

And, don't forget, you can hit me up @lawrmichaels.

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