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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Yesterday's picks were shot heavy and goal light, and goals are what matters in DFS. With four games tonight and a few more favorable match-up, there are goals to be scored on Day 2 of the 2016 playoffs, so let’s get to it.


Jeff Carter – Los Angeles ($6400): This is Carters’ time to shine, with a pair of Cups onhis resume. With two goals and seven helpers in his last seven games to close out the season and a key contributor on the Kings top power play unit, he's a very good option.

Joe Thornton – San Jose ($5900): Jumbo Joe is a cheaper option yet equally as effective. With two goals and eight assists in his last seven games, he's firing on all cylinders. The Sharks lost a 3-0 lead to Los Angeles in last year’s playoffs and are looking for redemption.

Nicklas Backstrom – Washington ($6200): The Caps top line center is one of the league’s best passers and has Alex Ovechkin to seal the deal. With two goals and five helpers in his last seven games, Backstrom is as steady as she goes for DFS plays. Look for the Caps to put plenty of shots on goal due to Philadelphia’s lackluster defense.


Brayden Holtby – Washington ($8400) The NHL’s win leader with 48 is the most costly goalie tonight, but probably the most likely to notch a win. With seven shutouts, a 2.20 GAA, and 92.2% save percentage this regular season, Holtby is playing his best. It’s time for the Caps to take the next step with a loaded team and play for the Stanley Cup with Holts a key piece in this quest.

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