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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

DraftKings offerings on Sunday include, all day, early, turbo, and late contests giving everyone plenty of opportunities.  I prefer the all day games given the combination of pitchers and hitters that I would like to roster.

There are plenty of expensive pitching options including Matt Harvey ($11,900), King Felix ($11,600), Jake Arrieta ($11,100) and Johnny Cueto ($10,700).  I prefer to go a little cheaper with Jose Qunitana ($8,900) and Edinson Volquez ($7,300).  That approach will leave me plenty of money to go big on bats.

Bryce Harper ($5,300) is the top hitting play on the board (assuming it is not too cold in D.C.).  The inexpensive pitching will allow me to roster the two big lefties in the Rockies lineup, Carlos Gonzalez ($4,800) and Charlie Blackmon ($4,800).  The Padres move up righty James Shields to face the Padres with Tyson Ross hitting the DL. 

Looks like DraftKings is trying to pay close attention to match-ups in adjusting pricing.  That is the only explanation I can come up with for the drop in price on Scooter Gennett ($3,200 down to $2,500) facing the lefty Dallas Keuchel.  I do not understand the pricing on Miguel Cabrera ($4,400) being below 11 other first basemen, including Tyler White ($4,600) and Wil Myers ($4,600).

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