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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

Yes, it's back...this time sponsored by out good friends over at REALTIME Daily. Each Friday there will be a private DFS contest exclusively for Tout Wars. We'll be providing our top hitter and pitcher at the Tout Wars web site. I'll also share some of my picks here very Friday.

Tout Daily is broken into five scoring periods, each lasting four weeks. The top-three finishers in each period earns a ticket into the Tout Daily finals. There's incentive to win an individual week as well as earning an entry into the Championship. As such, strategies vary depending on which priority prevails that week.

One of my two pitchers will be Taijuan Walker ($7700) as the Seattle Mariners travel to the Bay to face the Oakland Athletics. Walker is the typical high-risk, high-reward starter, capable of fanning ten or getting lit for ten. The Athletics don't possess the quality of sticks to worry about so let's go for the upside.

The hitter I know I'm using is a little unusual in that his primary contribution is speed and home runs generally win tournaments. Jonathan Villar ($3600) has been hitting second for the Milwaukee Brewers who entertain the Houston Astros. The visitor's battery of Scott Feldman and Jason Castro avail a great opportunity for Villar to run so I'll eschew the normal power for the potential of points from steals. The side benefit of this is Carlos Correa is likely to be highly owned so consider this a contrarian punt play with benefits.

Please check in on your favorite Touts as the scoring develops.

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