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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

Welcome to RealTime's weekly challenge where you get to try and beat me in an H2H format that is a freebie to enter, and can pay you a massive $2 if you can beat my score. Which means, how can you lose in a perfect opportunity to cut some chops if you are new to DFS, or simply try to pad your bankroll if you are experienced.

The first days of the baseball season become so iffy and crazy. They are indeed days when Trevor Story grabs our attention, and Zack Grienke gets pounded shaking our confidence to the core when we paid $30 for the Arizona hurler in our season-long formats. No such long-term craziness with DFS, and since it is early, weather and pitching style are what I look at when selecting starting hurlers.

So, today I have a couple of starters I like in Francisco Liriano ($8100) and Jamie Garcia ($6900).

Liriano is coming off a great first start last Sunday, and goes against a young Reds team with some potentially blustery weather ahead meaning the main thing to confirm is that the game is not cancelled and otherwise ride the arm the Pirates starter.

As for Garcia, when he is not injured, the Cardinal does very well, and though he can earn the whiffs, Garcia takes on the somewhat hitting anemic Braves in a time of the season that favors pitchers with some off-speed stuff as timing is the thing batters are trying to find the first month of play.

When it comes to hitters, let's go with a few hot hands in support of Liriano, Josh Harrison ($3900) is grabbing the keystone slot facing Alfredo Simon, and Justin Turner ($4400) who brings his nice .308 first week average to ATT facing the very iffy Matt Cain.

In the outfield I like the ever consistent Shin-Soo Choo ($4900) going against Matt Shoemaker and the Angels, and I cannot resist my manlove crush on Randall Grichuk ($4900), still cheap, facing Matt Wisler.

If you haven't played daily, it is indeed a lot of fun, and the RealTime contest allows for 200 entries, so take the challenge and try to get those bragging rights.

And, don't forget, you can hit me up @lawrmichaels.

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