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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

If you're looking for my thoughts on the Mixed Auction Tout Wars squad I assembled last Saturday, you're in the wrong place. For that, click here.

So, what else is there to talk about? Plenty. How about the other 14 rosters? Nah, that would take too long, and the discussion would be all over the place, and I prefer to read articles with more focused themes. I suspect that you feel the same way.

So, how about we look at some of the players who were purchased for dirt cheap, as in five bucks or less, at the auction but really deserved a little more respect.

Yan Gomes ($5 by Nando DiFino) - Sure, there's some injury risk here, but Gomes has launched a combined 33 homers over the past two seasons in 230 combined games. For five bucks, he's a steal. Interestingly enough, Nando went with the medium risk/high reward backstop duo of Gomes and Devin Mesoraco, another guy who is coming off an injury-marred 2015 season but could easily outperform his $7 price tag.

Matt Holliday ($4 by Ray Flowers) - Keep in mind that Tout Wars uses OBP instead of AVG, which certainly enhances Holliday's value (career .386 OBP). The accomplished 36-year-old was limited to 73 games last season due to injury, and his grand total of four home runs is somewhat concerning. But he doesn't need to do much in 2016 to justify the four bucks. Even 120 games, 15 home runs and his trademark exceptional OBP will suit Ray just fine. Plus, the Cardinals plan on giving Holliday some time at first base, which should help to keep him as fresh as possible.

Kendrys Morales ($4 by Joe Pisapia) - I do it, many owners do it, but maybe significantly downgrading Utility-only players is a mistake. After all, there is an open lineup spot for designated hitters, and their stats count the same as those of position players. They are also safer bets to stay healthy. Four bucks for a veteran hitter coming off a .290-22-106 campaign? I'm still trying to figure out why I didn't participate in the Morales bidding.

Nick Castellanos ($3 by Al Melchior) - Considering the growing hype surrounding Castellanos heading into this season, I was shocked that he went for this little. While it's true that the Tigers third sacker has yet to make his mark in the big leagues, he's still just 24 years of age and is fresh off a solid .269-9-35 second half last season. For the measly price of $3, Castellanos offers a great deal of profit potential.

Alex Rodriguez ($2 by Ray Flowers) - It's that Ray Flowers guy again! As if Matt Holliday for $4 wasn't enough, Ray also managed to grab A-Rod for a mere two bucks. This is the same A-Rod who slugged 33 homers to go along with 86 RBIs and a .356 OBP last year. Apparently, the same Utility-only stigma that deflated the price of Kendrys Morales was in play with Rodriguez, and Flowers took full advantage.

At this point, it might be tough to respect A-Rod the person. But A-Rod the fantasy player still has something left.

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