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Sunday 17th Dec 2017

Woo hoo! Last week, Henrik Stenson and Jamie Lovemark helped usher me into my very first week of winning DFS golf, turning a nifty $2 profit for my labor (my wife thinks it incredibly funny that I will pour over numbers for two hours to win $2, but hey, it means I won, right?).

So, this week, the PGA moves south to Coco Beach for the Puerto Rico open. Note the open has a much different field as most of the high profile pros are engaged with the Dell Challenge, which is a different format than a standard PGA tourney. So, let's keep with "normal" till I can prove I really know what I am doing.

Do remember to keep fantasy open and regulated and fair for all by writing your local lawmakers and tell them of your love of playing and desire to keep on playing. Visit the FSTA site for more information (and thanks).

So it is off to Coco Beach. In the meantime, don't forget to check out our deal with Draftkings where you get a lot of good baseball stuff from us along with some from Draftkings. Hit the link below for details.

So, our selections this week are:

Graham Delaet ($11,000): Delaet has beat the cut in six of twelve tourneys, but most important, he has finished in the top 25 at Coco Beach four consecutive years. Knowing the course, I am finding, is everything.

William McGirt ($10,500): Reminded me of me, putting at the Palmer Classic last week (where are you, short game?) but eight of ten in making the cuts.

Freddy Jacobson ($10,400): Nine cuts made and Jacobson has three top five finishes this year with a solid, but not as marquee a lineup.

Michael Thompson ($6,900): Has made eight of ten cuts.

D.J. Trahan ($5,700): Only four tourneys, and has played well in half. I need some cheap guys to balance the high end ones, so here we are.

John Daly ($5,700): Why not? He can still crush the ball, but it is just sort of unclear where the ball will land (again, not unlike me!).

Please let me know your thoughts/suggestions/ideas/commiserations @lawrmichaels.

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