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Saturday 17th Feb 2018

Well, hopefully my birthday wish from Saturday has a chance of coming true, but we won't know until the beginning of next hockey season, and I feel safe in telling everyone what my wish was. I want NHL Fantasy Hockey to be as big as baseball and football, so I can attend Hockey LABR and Tout Wars style drafts and play in NFBC style drafts for hockey with $100,000 winnings. Tuesday night, the NHL has a ten-game schedule, and half of these games are looking really good on paper. Paper doesn't play though, so the boys lace them up and put on the foil while we pick our winning lineups. I'm shopping at the TJ Maxx of players today and looking for a few cheap steals that will get us our money's worth. 


Jakob Silverberg - Anaheim ($4800): Jakob has been a real gem of a player over his past five games and has four goals with two assists over these games. Silverberg also is sitting at plus seven with 21 Shots On Goal with one of the goals being a game-winner and another on the power play. Speaking of the Ducks power play, it's tops in the NHL with a 23.4% conversion rate. While they may suffer from a bit of jet lag after flying across the country to face La Blu Blanc Rouge, we can hope they remembered to pack that power play. Hopefully, the Ducks will put Silverberg on the top PP Unit now that David Perron is out after checking the boards. La Blu Blanc Rouge is the Montreal Canadians for all the new NHL followers in all these newer southern markets Bettman insists are important for the league.

Mark Scheifle - Winnipeg ($5800): Ever since the trade of Andrew Ladd to the Blackhawks, Scheifle's playing time in critical situations has increased. He is now the center of the Jets top line and also centers their top power play unit, and in the DFS world, top line minutes equals more points and the cheaper the costs the better the return on investment. The Jets are hosting the sinking Canucks tonight and their current four-game losing streak while going 3-7 over their past ten games. But Winnipeg isn't much hotter over their past ten games, going 3-5-2 and are in a four-way battle for the top lottery pick in this spring's draft. Scheifle has three goals and one assist over the past two games versus Vancouver with ten shots on goal and a plus three. I really like his chances to hit the score sheet again tonight, so get him in your lineup and enjoy the points.

Paul Statsny - St. Louis ($4700): The son of one of my all-time favorite players ever, Peter Statsny, is in need of liquid nitrogen to cool himself off over the past five games. Statsny's stat line of three goals, five assists and plus four over the last five is outstanding. He centers the Blues second line and their second power play unit, but he really makes an impact often when he's on the ice. St. Louis travels to San Jose tonight to play one of the league's tougher home teams, but the Sharks defensive pairings will have their hands full with the Blues top line, which will give Statsny room to operate. 


Noah Hanafin - Carolina ($3500): Yes, I know he is not the second coming of Paul Coffey, but the price he comes for and the production with that is nothing to shake a stick at. Hanafin blocks shots, hits, and occasionally puts a few points up too. He is averaging 2.6 points per game over the past five games while adding three assists. Hanafin is now playing on the Hurricanes' top power play unit and he is also in their first defensive pairing, so stop giggling at my Tuesday man crush. Shayne Gostisbhere was in the exact same situation four months ago and he has played himself up into the top end of DFS defensive plays each night. Hanafin, the former first-round draft pick, just needs a few top end forwards and could he possibly be in the same boat? For the price he is going for and the chance of positive points, he should be in your lineup against the Sabres, and that will leave you extra salary to pursue some top end forwards, which are plentiful tonight.

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