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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

We all know the rule. To get points, your hitters must have at-bats. The same applies to pitchers. Starting pitchers must start games. It'€™s all very simple.

Based on recent announcements by their teams, here are some of the pitchers who might have their innings capped in 2016. The logic for limiting the workload is either to prevent injuries or to give the key starters some rest before the postseason gets underway.

While the teams have indeed announced that an innings cap will be set, nothing of this nature is cast in stone at this point of the preseason. However, you should be aware of who the pitchers are. Do not be caught unprepared. If you have already drafted one or more of these hurlers, keep this list handy. Be sure to have valid alternates to pull from your bench. When will the reserves be needed? Likely starting early in September.

Johnny Cueto - While the Giants' management has not made any announcement about any late-season curtailing of his innings, the coaching staff has said that Cueto's Cactus League workload will be limited. This tells me that there is concern about his health. Cueto may not be rested in September but he may be pulled from some of his starts a little early throughout the season.

Jose Fernandez - Given his history of injuries combined with the expectation that the team is not going to advance to the playoffs, Fernandez is the candidate from this list who might miss the most time as an injury prevention measure.

Marcus Stroman - On the other hand, Toronto will be working hard to reach the postseason. If that happens, Stroman may receive some rest in September.

Lance McCullers - McCullers has a promising future and is one of the youngest pitchers on this list. No wonder the Astros are working on keeping him healthy.

Steven Matz - I like this guy, and I like the Mets this year. A dilemma for sure, but at the right price, I would not hesitate to draft Matz.

Patrick Corbin - The Diamondbacks have a deep pitching staff, so it is a strong possibility that Corbin will have his innings limited.

Luis Severino - The youngest player on this list. Note that Severino is not having a good spring.

Joe Ross - The question is not if his innings will be capped, but by how much. It might be more than you can stomach.

Matt Moore - Moore was very good in the second half of last season after he came back from the demotion. He is a high risk/high reward investment.

Carlos Rodon - White Sox fans are excited about the team'€™s prospects for going to the playoffs this year. A White Sox/Cubs World Series? The chance of that happening will surely affect Rodon's late-season workload.

Daniel Norris - See Maurer below.

Brandon Maurer - See Tropeano below.

Nick Tropeano - I hope for your sake that your league is not so deep that you are forced to draft one of these final three pitchers.

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