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Sunday 18th Feb 2018

In Saturday's Bed Goes Up, Bed Goes Down, I previewed some players I sought in preparation for the AL LABR draft.

So, later that same day, mob leader Steve Gardner assembled the masses and the likes of Rick Wolf, Glenn Colton, Tim Heaney, Eno Sarris, and Greg Ambrosius et al went at it.

It was a good draft, and though I have no clue whether my team will work or not, I did fill a mythical roster and was able to get virtually all the players I coveted for a little less than I projected. I did try to focus on the "three "S's," strikeouts, saves, and steals.

So, here goes. Feel free to comment below or hit me up @lawrmichaels. And, you can review the entire draft results here.

C) Caleb Joseph ($4): Hit .234-11-49 over 100 games last year, and bearing in mind that Matt Wieters' back is troublesome, I see most of the squats going the way of Joseph. I would like a little improvement on the average/on-base side, but for $4, a repeat performance would be just fine.

C) Jason Castro ($6): Two bucks more than I anticipated, but a modest $10 invested in my pair of backstops should give me 20-plus homers, and supporting stats to match.

1B) Joe Mauer ($13): Hardly the player he was five years ago, Mauer can still hit, and last year he managed 158 games while hitting .265-10-66. Still just 32, I would like to think the now first sacker can do a little better than that. The price of $13 was three bucks more than I planned, but it was late in the draft and I had the bucks. If Mauer is healthy, he will indeed play every day. He still has a .280-15-80 season in there somewhere, I hope.

2B) Jason Kipnis ($21): A couple of bucks more than I planned, but on this very good Cleveland team, I think Kipnis will up his numbers-maybe 10%-over last year.

3B) Danny Valencia ($10): I budgeted $12 for the Oakland third sacker, so two bucks to the good helped elsewhere. I have already mentioned what a perfect fit Valencia is for this team, and I think he too can improve his 2015 line of .290-18-66 with the security of knowing he is playing every day.

SS) Ketel Marte ($15): I had budgeted $9 for the slot, but again, savings elsewhere allowed me to pursue the tempting and speedy Mariners shortstop.

MI) Ryan Goins ($3): Deep league, few choices at this point, and he should make the team.

CI) Yonder Alonso ($5): A couple of bucks less than my projected cost for the guy Ron Washington said they want to grab 500 at-bats this coming season. Like Valencia, the first sacker is the perfect type of Oakland reclamation project.

OF) George Springer ($30): Though I listed my hope to cop Springer for $26, I actually budgeted $35 for him, so this was a good score of a player with major upside.

OF) Avisail Garcia ($15): I vastly underestimated the postential cost of Kevin Kiermaier (as noted by Todd), and I wanted some pop, so instead of $16 for Kiermaier, I dropped a buck less on the White Sox flychaser, whom I really like.

OF) Steven Souza ($12): Pretty similar to the Kiermaier line for a few bucks less. Ideally, Souza will build off last year like his shiny rookie mates of last season.

OF) Coco Crisp ($1): Crapshoot, but again, per Ron Washington, Coco is in camp, healthy, and determined to play. Bob Melvin wil give him time off, but for sure Crisp, who plays with a lot of pride, wants to prove that last year was a fluke. For a buck, if he can steal ten bases, he will have been worth the investment.

OF) Dustin Ackley ($9): I had $9 on the table and Ackley was my last acquisition, hence the opening put-away bid. Ackley did flourish once the Yankees used him properly, and hopefully he can pick it up, and maybe even spell second base once in a while, giving me some position flexibility.

U) Evan Gattis ($12): I am never sure of the direction of my team until I actually start buying players, and I penciled Gattis in for $13. Supporting the notion of not letting a player get by you at below value if you can help it, I grabbed Gattis as my first pick, and plugged my DH slot. As long as he hits like last year, we are good.

P) Chris Sale ($33): I budgeted $70 for Springer and Sale, so this was just fine for my ace.

P) Lance McCullers ($17): Upside on a good team with 180 or so whiffs if he can manage close to 200 frames.

P) Marco Estrada ($8): A few bucks more than anticipated, but again, on a solid team, coming off a solid year, Estrada can get me innings, WHIP, and whiffs.

P) Jesse Hahn ($6): Again, per Wash, Hahn is healthy and learning new pitches and is ready for 175 innings in a pitcher's park.

P) Edinson Volquez ($4): Filling out pitching with a good starter on a good team coming off a good year. Volquez' stuff is not as electric as when he was brought up, but he is still pretty good.

P): Hector Santiago ($2): Not sure why my mates seem to hate a guy who had a 3.55 ERA with 162 strikeouts over 180.6 innings last year, but I am willing to bite.

P) Craig Kimbrel ($21): Locking up some saves, which was the prime directive, with the best closer around?

P) Brad Boxberger ($11): I guess job security scared some off, but if Boxberger gets swapped, it would be to close elsewhere.

P) Luke Hochevar ($1): Filler, but potentially helpful filler.

Res: Chris Young: As in the pitcher.

Res: Kendall Graveman: More bench support in view of never having enough arms. Again, per Wash, Graveman is healthy and ready to take the ball every five days.

Res: Collin Cowgill: Long time fave, playing in the one sort of weakness area the Indians have, so 300-plus at-bats should be in the mix.

Res: J.B. Shuck: Bench spot, hopefully with some speed.

Res: T.J. House: He is healthy, and lurking should there be issues with the Tribe's rotation.

Res: Nick Martinez: Don't forget his hot start last year, right? Hopefully, Nick won't, and will build off of that.

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