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Friday 22nd Sep 2017

There is no better week for a sports fan than one that is full of games. This week, we are treated to mid-week Premier League action, and after the goal fest that was Tuesday, I fully expect these matches to be lower scoring. This means finding the players that will rack up crosses, tackles, and shots. Let’s take a look at players to fit into a winning DFS team on an EPL Wednesday.


Olivier Giroud ($7500) The often mocked Arsenal frontman is having a very good season. With Arsenal needing a victory and an easy matchup against Swansea, I feel as if Giroud will be the top scorer of the day.

Divock Origi ($3200) This pick is predicated solely on Jurgen Klopp deciding to rest Daniel Sturridge ($4500) after 120 minutes this weekend. If Origi gets the nod, the Belgian youngster has really impressed all season long. Not so much in the goals category, but certainly with the ability to find room to get off plenty of shots and crosses.


Juan Mata ($5300) Mata is a nice triple threat play for me. The diminutive Spaniard gets to take free kicks, knocks in a goal here or there and is constantly creating for others. All of these qualities plus a matchup against Watford make me trigger happy on Mata.

Georginio Wijnaldum ($4900) The Magpies midfielder has been feast or famine all season long. The feasts, however, have been huge. So after a few down games, and with Stoke struggling recently, I am on board with the Dutchman.


Hector Bellerin ($4200) The Blazing Spaniard has been rock solid defending all season. The attacking prowess is there, and Arsenal seems to prefer to attack down the right than the left. I can see a good amount of crosses coming off the fullback's foot and possibly an assist finding the head of Giroud.

Kieran Trippier ($3800) I don’t like to pick Spurs fullbacks until the lineup is announced, as Mauricio Pochettino rotates so regularly. However, when Trippier has been in, the Frenchman has racked up the points and been let loose down the flanks.


Hugo Lloris ($4100) The French number one has been typically solid all season long. I don’t see that changing much against rivals West Ham, who should be able to get off some shots, allowing for Lloris to rack up some saves and points.

Enjoy the mid-week matches and best of luck to you all!

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