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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

Ugh, what a terrible week in Riviera for me, with players who were out of it before I had a chance to be into it.

There is largely a lesser contingent of big names playing in Palm Beach this weekend, and after my wasted squad last week, I have added a variable this week: looking at last year's leaderboard for said tournament. That means a combination of cuts made, finish at the same tourney last year, and also strong finishes both last week, and last year.

I am clear that a season or two watching the tour and players is what will really improve my abilities at this fantasy variation, for much like seeing the swing of a hitter, or how a quarterback handles the ball, seeing what kind of strokes and approach the golfer has seems imperative to making good fantasy decisions.

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So, our selections this week are:

Phil Mickelson ($10,800): Manlove, but Phil's last six rounds have been red-hot, and I think he is digging it. He wound up even in Palm Beach last year, sandwiching a pair of solid rounds between a couple of crappy ones. I think though that Mickelson has some new drive with his game, and we are witness to just that.

Russell Knox ($9700): Knox finished tied for second at the Honda last year at five under. He is five-for-eight at making the cut this year.

Paul Casey ($9500): Casey tied Knox for second last year and is four out of five making the cut.

John Huh ($7400): Huh wound up even last year at the Honda but finished his weekend with a 68 and then 69 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. He has made six of ten cuts this season.

Scott Piercy ($6900): Piercy was plus-three last year, but he had a couple of solid sub-par rounds a la Huh, and he has played all four days in all seven tourneys in which he has competed during this tour.

Johnson Wagner ($5700): I am not exactly sure how to parlay stars and scrubs here, but relatively, Wagner is a scrub. He is four of eight making the cut and, well, last year Rory Mcllroy wound up seven over for the tourney, so who knows?

Please let me know your thoughts/suggestions/ideas/commiserations @lawrmichaels.

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