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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

Having worn my lucky shirt, I am confident that the team I assembled at the NFBC auction last Sunday will do reasonably well. My team is below. You be the judge.

The auction was a 15-team mixed league with standard Roto rules, a typical $260 auction budget with a 23-player lineup plus seven reserves and was run on rtsports.com. The site has an AAV (Average Auction Value) chart which is adjusted daily. You may want to peek at it as part of your preparation. According to the chart, a third of the players go for as little as $1-$3. This tells me that there is plenty of value during the later rounds because people tend to spend their money early.

In other words, it pays to be patient, but being patient is easier said than done. One way to play it right is to print out Mastersball’s Colored Tiers and cross out players along the way. As the money dwindles down, if you still have uncrossed names in the upper rows, you know that you can wait.

Players are listed in order of acquisition through round 16. Beyond round 16, the auction got boring as most players went for a buck. The number in parenthesis is the plus/minus relative to Mastersball Hitting and Pitching Projections and Dollar Values for Common Leagues.

David Price $27 (+4, (that is, I paid $4 more than suggested by the Projections): An ace, ‘nough said.

Charlie Blackmon $32 (+5): A multi-faceted player who will help a team in every category.

Edwin Encarnacion $26 (-3): Love his HRs, with a proviso to have a quality alternate at 1B if, or rather when, he goes on the DL.

Yoenis Cespedes $24 (+2): Counting on him to repeat last year’s first month at Citi Field. Mets fans love him. You should too, even if you are not a Mets fan.

Adam Wainwright $18 (+6): Trust that after resting for most of the 2015 season, Wainwright is back to his old form (and opening the season for the Cardinals).

Ian Kinsler $14 (-5): Getting up there in years, but hitting at the top of the Tigers lineup, he should score plenty of runs.

Jacob deGrom $28 (+10): Never keep the mouse pointer on top of the BID input box. I touched the mouse and got deGrom for $4 or $5 more than I would typically bid for him. But don't take me wrong, I love deGrom.

Jaime Garcia $6 (-1): When healthy, he is good, very good. Note to self to add pitchers to the bench.

Jordan Zimmermann $14 (+3): I thought that $14 was a reasonable price for Zimm, considering that bidding for pitchers went above projected values. Expect to pay more than what you have planned for your pitching staff.

Russell Martin $12 (-8): Will he repeat the stellar 2015 season? Why not?

Brandon Crawford $8 (+1): With Carlos Correa in everyone’s wet dreams, the bidding for SS is wild, so be prepared.

Roberto Osuna $3 (-3): Osuna was great as a closer in 2015, but I believe that he will be in the starting rotation this year. In that case, not bad for a sixth starter.

David Peralta $18 (+1): Beyond Peralta, I saw only mediocrity that can be had for $1.

Mark Trumbo $14 (+6): Now that he is at Camden Yards, his power will return. He qualifies at 1B and could spell Encarnacion.

Justin Turner $8 (-5): 3B is thin this year. Either you spend money on a decent third baseman or you end up scrambling as I did.

Hyun-soo Kim $1 (-8): The mere fact that HS Kim was obtained for a buck should tell you that OF is deep. My other $1 outfielder is Domingo Santana. Both play in hitter's parks, a consideration that should not be ignored.

The full auction board is here.

And now, onto five painful weeks of spring training injury reports.

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