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Monday 23rd Oct 2017

If you're already a Mastersball Platinum Subscriber, just scoot down to the bottom for the AAV link. If not, please consider trying us out.

Four of the previous six NFBC Main Event Champions trusted us to help with their preparation so we must be doing something right.

If you're playing the NFBC Cutline Championship, we have a must-read primer detailing how to properly rank players as well as some suggested strategies. We also have Cutline rankings based on our site projections - and you can even adjust them to generate custom rankings!

In addition, if you DO NOT have a DraftKings account, you can save $10 off the $34.95 Platinum price.

For details on DraftKings promotion, click HERE

To subscribe to Mastersball Platimum (note, you must first register and be logged in), click HERE

To download the current NFBC AAV, click HERE


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