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Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

I am not sure why I always advise fantasy players to trust their instincts and never look back, for last week, I was certain the Chiefs defense was the obvious DFS pick, so that is who I built my rosters around. Except...

Except that just before kickoff, I learned that the Chiefs were starting their back-up center, and that made me think maybe the ever dangerous J.J. Watt would be nettlesome, so I switched a couple of my rosters accordingly to the Houston D. 

Well, we all know how well that turned out. In fact, I knew I was sunk with that first play when Knile Davis ran the kick back.

I guess this means, "Do as I say, not as I do" going forward.

So, again, with a wacky week where two of the top Running Backs in DeAngelo Williams and Marshawn Lynch were out and where all the visiting teams walked away with wins, all I can say is Wild Card Weekend really is my favorite of the season.

So, let me list my top observations of the Wild Card games (check out this Friday's Rotobituaries for FantasyScore picks and injuries).

1. How much fun is the kicking game these days? It's as awesome as watching "North Dallas Forty" every year before the Super Bowl. Certainly, the point after distance change has shifted that play from being a no-brainer to no matter how close, as iffy as, in the words of Cris Collinsworth, sinking a three-foot putt. If you think three-foot putts are easy, ask Blair Walsh.

2. When did the Bengals become the Raiders? Boy, talk about shooting oneself in the foot, a fumble followed by two personal fouls? As a life-long Raiders fan, I understand how they were considered the bad boy dirty fighting team of the time, and Oakland games with the Steelers were always an intense grind. But boy, what a crappy time to lose one's cool. And, maybe being bad boys isn't the best rep to have?

3. How weird is football karma? So, Seattle blows it last year on the last play of the game, and this year, the Vikes lose it in a similar way on the last play of the game? That was thanks to a fumble, which is what the Bengals got before they drove to the last play and poor Blair Walsh, who is being a stand-up guy through this even though he did kick off the lacing.

4. Were the Packers playing dead the last month? I had thought the Patriots were laying low, staying competitive, and waiting for their corps to heal before the playoffs. But maybe the real NFL opossum was Green Bay, who looked as together Sunday as they looked disorganized the past six weeks.

5. How much more do I like Kirk Cousins now? A lot! What a refreshing guy, huh? 

6. The Seattle Play: A broken play like Russell Wilson's pass to Tyler Lockett affirms you never know, and you got to be lucky to be good, and good to be lucky. 

7. Jordan Reed rules. Any argument? Like that one-handed catch? I did.

8. Bring on next week. I picked three right (missed the Packers) last week, so who do I like this week? Chiefs, Seahawks, Broncos and Cardinals. At least if I can keep from second guessing.

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