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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

The next two weeks actually constitute my favorite two weeks of the football season, with two playoff games each on Saturday and Sunday.

I am planning on being glued (save maybe getting some golf in early Saturday, weather permitting) with a fire and gobs of comfort food, and of course I will be doing daily games for the rest of the season. So, let's start the first cycle of the 2015 playoffs by looking at three players per team with some daily thoughts. Today, we will look at the Saturday games. The Sunday games will be discussed on Friday as part of Rotobituaries.

Note that Friday, after prices are announced, I will also reveal my FantasyScore picks on Rotobituaries and update today's early thoughts.

Kansas City at Houston

Surely the battle of defenses, but if you were going to gamble on a defense, I would take the Chiefs. All things being equal, K.C. stands a better chance of rattling Brian Hoyer than does Houston disrupting Alex Smith (who doesn't really rattle).

Charcandrick West: I am guessing that West will be a bit on the lower priced side relative to the other RB choices this week, and in a tight defensive game, this is where the points can be exploited.

Travis Kelce: Much the same as West--and especially in deference to the fact that the long pass is generally not part of the Chiefs' playbook--but Kelce should get some chances in tight situations and deliver accordingly. He will be on the expensive side, I suspect.

Cairo Santos: Like defense, if your DFS contest awards points to kickers, this is the guy I like best of all this time around.

DeAndre Hopkins: Expensive, and among the best, but the question is how many chances can he get against a killer pass rush? On the other hand, he is the big play threat in this contest.

Cecil Shorts: If he can play, I do like Shorts as a cheaper WR option, especially if Hopkins can draw the principle fire. But, Shorts has been hurt, so even if he plays, will it be 100%?

Jonathan Grimes: What can I say when Houston's offense is mostly their defense at this point? But, Grimes should be on the cheap side, and he should get the touches. However, that doesn't mean I would invest.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati

Antonio Brown: Are you kidding? Best money player this round. This is like picking Clayton Kershaw as a playoff pitcher.

Markus Wheaton: Even if you spend on Brown, spreading it around with the Pittsburgh WR's is just fine.

Ben Roethlisberger: Throwing deep a lot generally reaps the rewards, and in this game, Roethlisberger will throw to get ahead, and throw if he gets behind.

Jeremy Hill: Will get the most touches and has the best point shots (although a lot depends upon whether or not Andy Dalton starts) on this team in a divisional rivalry that will largely be a defensive struggle, I believe.

Tyler Eifert: Probably cheaper than Kelce, but he might deliver just as well.

Mohamed Sanu: Need a cheap WR (or anything)? Sanu does get his chances, and gets into the end zone. I am not saying he should top your list, but if you go with Brown and need to fill out the bottom end. Just saying.

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