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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

I think I am one of those ultimately middle-of-the-road Americans, despite the fact that my political beliefs might be considered to the left, who wants to smack his forehead with the extremes to which political correctness is executed.

Not that I don't totally think we are a wonderful trifle of cultures in this country, that makes for all the spiciness and sweetness that life has to offer. And, I always want to respect the origins and preservation of all cultures and languages because that is what sparks not just the spice, but that is what makes us successful.

I also am really proud I live in the Bay Area, where we might be considered off-kilter, but where we are happy to embrace openess and tolerance as looney as that might seem to some. In writing this, I understand home is where the heart is, and that for the most part wherever one grows up and lives is wonderful simply because it is home. I mean, just the word home is comforting, is it not?

Still, I was a little stunned the other day, when performing my morning toilette, on the radio, the KFOG morning show's Peter Finch reported that the San Francisco Gay Men's Softball Team had been stripped of the second place title they won last year at the Gay World Series.


Well, according to the rules, a gay team may only have only two straight players. You know, kind of like Japanese teams can only have two Americans, or maybe more immediately, how your company coed softball team had to alternate the batting order between men and women and stuff?

Well, I guess after some examination following what I have to assume was a complaint, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) determined that three of the players from the San Francisco squad "were not gay enough."

Uh, I swear, I did not realize there was a Gay World Series, let alone the NAGAAA. I mean, who knew?

Apparently, and I could only dig up a couple of articles to glean the rest of Mr. Finch's story, the three players in question, Steven Apilado, LaRon Charles, and Jon Russ and their team, D2 were disqualified from participating they were "nongay." 

So, they sued the NAGAAA for $75,000 each for "emotional stress" alledging that they were not straight, but rather bisexual.

The response of the NAGAAA was a cogent, "This is the Gay World Series, not the Bisexual World Series," after asking "personal and invasive" questions, and then disqualifying the team.

Hmmmm, let me get this straight (pun intended). 

Gays are one of those groups that has been long discriminated against, so, when given the opportunity to show what open-mindedness is, they act as pathetically as their persecutors.

Once again reminding us of the power of Groucho Marx' brilliant line, "I would not belong to a club that would have me for a member."

As I often try to remind myself when I get obsessive about my team's statistics, or place in the standings, "this is about a game where we watch a guy try to hit a ball with a stick for pleasure."

Right D2, and Steven, LaRon, and Jon? And NAGAAA?

A game. All this craziness about a game. Nice going.

Keep it up everyone, and I am not just talking NAGAAA and D2, but with enough self rightousness, we will wring the fun out of just about everything.

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