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Friday 20th Oct 2017

As I was looking through the injury lists Sunday, trying to update status via our Rotobituaries, it seemed that there were remarkably few injuries with the potential to really impact our teams and picks for Week 8. Of course, that was before kick-off when the stretcher activity got going.

So, this time, let's look at the prognosis for some of those players who went down this week, starting with the Jets. I would be lying if I didn't admit to the personal satisfaction derived from watching the Raiders sort of dismantle the Jets yesterday, but I never like injuries, and part of Oakland's success was due to the wrist injury to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Of course, that means quality time with Geno Smith, who, if he could play would be starting over Fitzpatrick. If you are in a league where a second QB can be used as a flex player, well, maybe Smith is worth a thought. Maybe.

Josh McCown already had a bad shoulder before he started to get knocked around by the Cardinals. I have a hard time thinking Johnny Manziel doesn't get another shot at running the team. As much as I like McCown, Manziel should have been the starter this year. If the team feared Manziel could be another Tim Tebow, they shouldn't have drafted him. But, since they did, play him, for he is a much better play than Geno Smith in my view.

The poor Steelers finally get all their offensive pieces back together when Le'Veon Bell's knee goes out. Knees are kind of important to most of us who like to walk and such, let alone running in the NFL. Obviously, you want to track the injury, and my guess is that DeAngelo Williams is not available in your league. 

Not like it gets any easier at RB, as it appears Reggie Bush has a torn ACL. With Carlos Hyde also hurting, look to Kendall Hunter and Kendall Gaskins to move up the food chain. Hunter has some promise a la Ronnie Hillman and was once thought to be the heir apparent to Frank Gore. I would expect at this point the team will not play Hyde unless he is truly healthy. (Note that Mike Davis hurt his hand Sunday, so he too is iffy.)

Matt Forte left the Sunday Vikes game with a bum knee, but this appears to be a lightweight injury, so it is reasonable to expect the Bears' offensive force to play when they return Week 10 after their bye, but do keep an eye on Jeremy Langford.

Khiry Robinson was carted off with his leg in an air cast, which doesn't bode well. But, if you are looking for a fullback type who can catch, take a peek at Oakland's Marcel Reece, who is only owned in 1% of Yahoo! leagues. The Raiders are on the move and that means everyone benefits on a team with a lot of offensive options.

Steve Smith, sadly, is out for the year with a torn Achilles. Like Anquan Boldin, Smith is the kind of heady receiver I just love, so this is tough. I do like Chris Givens among the choices to step up, but that is not saying much.  

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