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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

It was a tough Sunday as the Raiders dropped an interesting game to the Bears, in a game that changed lead six times, and wound up costing me a Lou Malnati pizza to my sort of cousin-in-law, Mike Dudek.

I would like to think that teams are beginning to stabilize, with just five teams left undefeated--and one, the Patriots, did not play this week--while only the Lions are searching for a win.

Football is so hard to guage in a way. Going into the season it seemed like the Dolphins and Lions were poised to kick up a level and so far they are a collective 1-6 with draft faves Ryan Tannehill and Jordan Cameron struggling enough that I have considered dropping them (I have them benched for now, where owned).

But, it is so hard to get a feel of just where to look for help, especially after a week like last which seemed down on points, and who to trust on my roster week-to-week.

Maybe I am just getting old. Speaking of which, how impressed was everyone with the performance of Matt Hasselbeck on Sunday? Not saying you should pick up a 40-year-old back-up to an established star.

Back to the land of confusion, what about Matt Jones, who kicked it Week 2, and now cannot get enough touches to fumble. Again, Jones sits for me as I wait for a sign. I would wait a bit before cutting him, however, unless you have no alternatives.

But, since I need receivers, that is what I looked at this week looking for help until Anquan Boldin gets some targets and Victor Cruz simply gets on the field.

Third year Jacksonville receiver Allen Hurns had a big day with 116 yards and a score following a week where he scored on a 59-yarder against the Patriots. Hurns is only owned on 11.3% of ESPN teams.

Seth Roberts is another guy whom Derek Carr did not hit this week, but did connect for four passes and two scores the previous weeks, while Michael Crabtree and Carr really have something going on. Crabtree has 24 receptions so far, good for just one score, but 274 yards.

Matt Ryan connected with Leonard Hankerson for a second score this season, as the receiver bagged six catches for 106 yards to push his season yardage to 240. Hankerson seems to be the #2 guy over Roddy White, and since Julio Jones can't catch everything, having a #2 guy is a good place to look. Like Hurns, Hankerson is a free agent in a lot of leagues and could provide a boost.

Finally, take a peek at Richard Rodgers, on the Packers, who bagged a score against the Niners Sunday. For now, the Cal graduate is the #1 guy on a team with a killer passer, and, well, if I were going to dump Jordan Cameron, that is where I would go.

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