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Monday 23rd Oct 2017


With storm clouds still hanging over the east coast--meaning New York, Philadelphia, and Atlanta games are threatened--we charge forth with the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge.

In deference to the cloudy skies, I am going all west coast with my pitching, starting Garrett Richards ($7400) against the fairly dormant Athletics (and Barry Zito) along with Scott Kazmir ($7700), who is facing the Mariners and the ubiquitous TBD starting pitcher. 

On the hitting side, I am siding with Kolten Wong ($3900) and Matt Carpenter ($5600) as the Cards and Buccos duke it out. However, right-hander Charlie Morton--who has a 4.54 ERA and has been pounded his last two starts--makes me feel as safe as I can about picks for the day.

Note Mastersball will be playing a Fantasy Score football contest as well. You can play against the other Mastersballers and me at Fantasy Score and follow me @lawrmichaels

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