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Saturday 17th Feb 2018

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR is available below.


There are four Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League and 15-team Mixed Draft League. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

The amount the owner paid is listed in a column followed by the non-adjusted Vickrey bid. The remaining bids for that player are then listed in order of amount. if the amount of an unawarded bid is greater than what was charged, the bid was a contingency bid by that owner and they were awarded a player of higher priority.




NFeliz, Det 11 Steve Moyer 18 Mike Podhorzer 10
FDoubront, Oak 3 Mike Podhorzer 10 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
MMahtook, TB 1 Steve Moyer 4
LHendriks, Tor 1 Jason Collette 7
CBassitt, Oak 1 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
JSucre, Sea 0 Mike Podhorzer 0


TGott, LAA Steve Moyer 18
LMaile, TB Mike Podhorzer 0

Rob Leibowitz' Commentary

I made no moves and didn't see anything out there that was going to make a difference at this point in the standings for a team in my situation. Normally, if I were in a tight race its all about managing those last starts and combing the free agent wire for anyone who is making a start, by either maximizing them for trying to get wins and strikeouts or minimizing them if you're trying to hold fast in ERA and WHIP. Depends where you are in the standings.

Todd's Take

Just like we did with the LABR leagues, we'll post the standings heading into the final week.

1. Chris Liss 90
2. Mike Podhorzer 83.5
3. Jeff Erickson 77.5
4. Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 75.5
5. Jason Collette 71
6. Ron Shandler 68.5
7. Larry Schechter 62
8. Andy Behrens 62
9. Rob Leibowitz 56
10. Seth Trachtman 51
11. Steve Moyer 42
12. Lawr Michaels 41




JLopez, Mil 13 Tristan H. Cockcroft 26 Mike Gianella 12 Phil Hertz 4
DBuchanan, Phi 5 Mike Gianella 12 Phil Hertz 4 Todd Zola 0
BBogusevic, Phi 1 Peter Kreutzer 2
JParker, SF 1 Tristan H. Cockcroft 26 Peter Kreutzer 0
ZDavies, Mil 1 Peter Kreutzer 2 Mike Gianella 12 Phil Hertz 4
Todd Zola 0 Phil Hertz 0
AHill, Ari 1 Peter Kreutzer 2 Tristan H. Cockcroft 26 Phil Hertz 2
CRusin, Col 1 Todd Zola 16
AGuerrero, LAD 1 Phil Hertz 2 Brian Walton 0
TCruz, StL 1 Phil Hertz 4
JSmith, Cin 1 Phil Hertz 4
BWallace, SD 0 Brian Walton 0 Phil Hertz 2 Peter Kreutzer 0
JRoss, Was 0 Brian Walton 0
SCishek, StL 0 Brian Walton 0
RErlin, SD 0 Phil Hertz 0 Tristan H. Cockcroft 26
TLyons, StL 0 Phil Hertz 0


TBrown, SF Phil Hertz 4
ECampbell, NYM Phil Hertz 2
RYnoa, Col Phil Hertz 2
SGilmartin, NYM Brian Walton 0
DHinojosa, Phi Brian Walton 0
TCravy, Mil Phil Hertz 0
TMoore, Was Peter Kreutzer 0
YBarrios, Mil Brian Walton 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

In the final transaction period of 2015, it is only fitting that the top two teams in the NL Tout Wars standings spent the most money.

Defending champion, but currently sitting in second, 11 ½ games out of first, is ESPN'€™s Tristan H. Cockcroft, who dropped $13 ($26 Vickrey) on Milwaukee starter Jorge Lopez. The 22-year-old was the Brewers Minor League Pitcher of the Year for his work at Double-A. I bet Cockcroft would like to stash Lopez for 2016.

League leader Mike Gianella of Baseball Prospectus spent $5 ($12 Vickrey) on Phillies starter David Buchanan. Despite season marks of an ERA just under eight and WHIP just under two, the 26-year-old put two good starts on the books against Miami and Washington. However, Buchanan faces the Mets at home this week. Though the Mets have clinched, they still have motivation - fighting the Dodgers for home field advantage in their NLDS matchup.

All other players acquired went for $1 or $0. With the books closed for 2015, 10 of the 12 owners left an aggregate of $130 on the table.

Todd's Take

1. Mike Gianella 92
2. Tristan H. Cockcroft 81.5
3. Derek Carty 78
4. Ray Guilfoyle 73
5. Phil Hertz 71
6. Lenny Melnick 69.5
7. Scott Wilderman 67
8. Gene McCaffrey 56
9. Brian Walton 52.5
10. Steve Gardner 49.5
11. Todd Zola 47.5
12. Peter Kreutzer 42.5




JParker, SF 2 Ray Flowers 9 Tim Heaney 1 Cory Schwartz 0
BFinnegan, Cin 1 Ray Flowers 16 Scott Swanay 2 Nando DiFino 0
CSabathia, NYY 1 Nando DiFino 2
CRupp, Phi 1 Al Melchior 1
DRuf, Phi 1 Al Melchior 4 Cory Schwartz 0
CTillman, Bal 1 Ray Flowers 11
RRoss, Bos 1 Scott Pianowski 7 Scott Swanay 0
AConley, Mia 1 Scott Pianowski 7 Zach Steinhorn 4 Scott Swanay 2
Tim Heaney 0
CAnderson, Cle 1 Zach Steinhorn 4 Scott Swanay 2 Tim Heaney 0
NTropeano, LAA 1 Scott Swanay 2
JLopez, Mil 1 Scott Swanay 2
VNuno, Sea 0 Nando DiFino 0
COwings, Ari 0 Nando DiFino 0
DAckley, NYY 0 Nando DiFino 0
MBoyd, Det 0 Nando DiFino 0
NFeliz, Det 0 Scott Swanay 0 Scott Pianowski 7
KTomlinson, SF 0 Scott Pianowski 7
HKendrick, LAD 0 Cory Schwartz 0
JMercer, Pit 0 Tim Heaney 0 Cory Schwartz 0
MMorin, LAA 0 Cory Schwartz 0 Scott Swanay 0
KKela, Tex 0 Cory Schwartz 0
CBassitt, Oak 0 Scott Swanay 2 Tim Heaney 0
JHardy, Bal 0 Scott Swanay 0 Tim Heaney 0
TRoark, Was 0 Tim Heaney 0
DHaren, ChC 0 Tim Heaney 0


TraThompson, CWS Ray Flowers 9
MMahtook, TB Ray Flowers 9
BGuyer, TB Cory Schwartz 0
CSpangenberg, SD Cory Schwartz 0
FGalvis, Phi Scott Swanay 0
GKontos, SF Cory Schwartz 0
JoRamirez, Cle Scott Swanay 0 Tim Heaney 0
JWilson, NYY Cory Schwartz 0
KBarraclough, Mia Cory Schwartz 0
RDavis, Det Cory Schwartz 0
RDull, Oak Cory Schwartz 0
RGoins, Tor Scott Swanay 0
SRomo, SF Cory Schwartz 0
TraThompson, CWS Cory Schwartz 0
TWatson, Pit Cory Schwartz 0
WHarris, Hou Cory Schwartz 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

Although Giants outfielder Jarrett Parker was the only player purchased for a price greater than $1, the theme of this final FAAB run was clearly pitching, with a special focus on two-start pitchers. Brandon Finnegan, Chris Tillman, Tanner Roark, Dan Haren and Nick Tropeano were among the starting pitchers added almost entirely or entirely due to their two-start status. And since 20 strikeouts separate 4th place from 8th place in the strikeouts category and I'm currently right in the middle of that pack in addition to being in position to possibly gain two points in wins, I joined in on the two-start pitcher fun with my addition of Cody Anderson. I tried for Adam Conley as well but didn't have enough FAAB to acquire both. I also had a tough time deciding between Anderson and Conley, as Conley does carry greater upside in the strikeouts department. But ultimately, I felt a bit more comfortable with the more established Anderson, who has gone 4-0 with a 1.69 ERA through five starts this month. And if I have any chance of gaining a significant amount of pitching points this week, enough to pull off a miraculous comeback to retake the first place position that I occupied for three months, strikeouts will not be enough. I'll need an excellent ERA and WHIP as well.

Todd's Take

1. Fred Zinkie 108.5
2. Tim Heaney 102.5
3. Scott Swanay 102
4. Scott Pianowski 96.5
5. Cory Schwartz 93
6. Zach Steinhorn 91
7. Ray Flowers 88.5
8. Patrick Davitt 84.5
9. Scott Engel 77
10. Joe Pisapia 66.5
11. Al Melchior 66
12. David Gonos 64.5
13. Derek Van Riper 62
14. Nando DiFino 54.5
15. Paul Singman 43




CAnderson, Cle 15 Grey Albright 21 Perry Van Hook 14
JEickhoff, Phi 7 Perry Van Hook 13 Rudy Gamble 6 Perry Van Hook 1
DPompey, Tor 1 Tim McLeod 2
EAybar, LAA 1 Perry Van Hook 4 Adam Ronis 12
NFeliz, Det 1 Rudy Gamble 15
RRoss, Bos 1 Rudy Gamble 15 Grey Albright 21
JMercer, Pit 1 Grey Albright 17
KSuzuki, Min 1 Grey Albright 1
JArencibia, TB 1 Rudy Gamble 2
DPedroia, Bos 1 Adam Ronis 12


NTropeano, LAA Grey Albright 21
TGott, LAA Grey Albright 21
YEscobar, Was Grey Albright 17 Adam Ronis 12
DODay, Bal Rudy Gamble 15
MMorin, LAA Rudy Gamble 12
BDrury, Ari Perry Van Hook 3
JMarisnick, Hou Tim McLeod 2
TCruz, StL Grey Albright 1
TBrown, SF Grey Albright 1
CPerez, LAA Rudy Gamble 1

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

I bid $14 of my remaining $18 FAAB units on Cody Anderson, CLE for his two start week but ran into a $21 bid from Grey Albright which was Vickrey reduced to the $15 winning bid. My underbid was $13 for Jerad Eickhoff, PHL who I won for $7. All the rest of the winning bids were final at $1 including my adding Angel shortstop Erick Aybar who I hope can help me get another point in SB.

Todd's Take

1. Adam Ronis 110.5
2. Grey Albright 105.5
3. Rudy Gamble 102.5
4. Perry Van Hook 95
5. Tim McLeod 94
6. Greg Ambrosius 93
7. Eno Sarris 93
8. Paul Greco 88.5
9. Paul Sporer 78
10. Ray Murphy 72
11. Brent Hershey 71
12. Tom Kessenich 70.5
13. Charlie Wiegert 54.5
14. Anthony Perri 48
15. Rick Wilton 24


There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo..




Robbie Ross, BOS 6 USA TODAY Sports 6
Tyler Wilson, BAL 3 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 3
Vincent Velasquez, HOU 2 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 2
Chris Bassitt, OAK 1 Baseball HQ 1



Perry Van Hook's Commentary

Steve Gardner, USA Today, still atop the standings and with the most FAAB left bid $6 to obtain Robbie Ross, BOS and hopefully add a few saves. The other winning bidders were Greg Ambrosius/Shawn Childs, NFBC/Stats who won Tyler Wilson, BAL for $3 and Vincent Velasquez, HOU for $2; and Dave Adler, Baseball HQ won got Chris Bassitt, OAK for his last dollar.

Todd's Take

Let's post the standings entering the last week for each of the leagues.

USA TODAY Sports 96.5
Colton & The Wolfman 85
SiriusXM 83.5
Mastersball 80.5
NFBC/Stats, Inc. 71
ESPN.com 61
Yahoo! Sports 58
RotoWire 58
FantasyScore 57
Winning Fantasy Baseball 52.5
Baseball HQ 48
Fangraphs 29




Chase Utley, LAD 6 Inside Edge 6 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4
Jarrett Parker, SF 5 Sandlot Shrink 5 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Adam Duvall, CIN 4 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4
Miguel Rojas, MIA 4 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4 Baseball HQ 3
Brandon Drury, ARI 4 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4 Inside Edge 6
Antonio Bastardo, PIT 4 USA TODAY Sports 4
Jason Rogers, MIL 3 Baseball HQ 3
Alex Guerrero, LAD 3 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 3
Joshua Smith, CIN 2 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 2 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Steve Cishek, STL 2 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 2
Carl Crawford, LAD 1 Colton & The Wolfman 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4
Alec Asher, PHI 1 Inside Edge 1


Zach Davies, MIL USA TODAY Sports 4
Cristhian Adames, COL NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4
Travis Jankowski, SD NFBC/Stats, Inc. 4
Brett Wallace, SD Baseball HQ 3
Tommy La Stella, CHC Baseball HQ 3
Tanner Roark, WSH NFBC/Stats, Inc. 2 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Matt Wisler, ATL Colton & The Wolfman 1 Inside Edge 1
Christian Bergman, COL Colton & The Wolfman 1

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

For the final week of the season, with Derek Van Riper (96.5 points) holding a slim lead over Eric Karabell (92 points) and Greg Ambrosius and Shawn Childs (91 points), there was a lot of activity all around as teams made one last stab for a higher spot in the standings.

Steve Moyer bagged the biggest among some big named prizes with Chase Utley ($6) besting a pair of $4 attemps, while Bob Radomski acquired Jarrett Parker for $5, besting another set of hopeful owners.

Steve Gardner nabbed Antonio Bastardo, and then the NFBC/STATS team of Ambrosius and Childs made a cluster of moves in an effort to bag the five points they need to grab a title.

Adam Duval ($4), Miguel Rojas (3), Brandon Drury ($4), Alex Guerrero ($3), Josh Smith ($2), and Steve Cishek ($2) are all new to the team meaning 25% of their team is new this week and that is, indeed and interesting crap-shoot to test as the season concludes.

Todd's Take

RotoWire - DVR 96.5
ESPN - Karabell 92
NFBC/Stats, Inc. 91
Colton & The Wolfman 86
Derek Carty 75
USA TODAY Sports 61
Baseball HQ 59
RotoExperts 58
Yahoo Sports 51
Mastersball 41
Sandlot Shrink 35
Inside Edge 34.5




Brandon Finnegan, CIN 2 Baseball HQ 2 MLB.com 1
Matt Moore, TB 2 Baseball HQ 2 MLB.com 1
Robbie Ross, BOS 2 Baseball HQ 2
Jerad Eickhoff, PHI 1 Razzball 1 MLB.com 1
Erik Johnson, CWS 1 MLB.com 1


Tyler Duffey, MIN MLB.com 1
Robbie Erlin, SD MLB.com 1
Cameron Rupp, PHI Razzball 1

Todd Zola's Commentary

Most leagues have three money spots (or more) but win, place and show is considered standard. It's great to see that even though LABR isn't played for jellybeans, there's still some fighting for third place with Baseball HQ making a push by fortifying their pitching with Moore, who looks like he'll be in the mox next year and Ross, Boston's closer the last week of the season.

Todd's Take

Baseball Prospectus 126
MLB.com 122.5
Razzball 94
Baseball HQ 89.5
USA TODAY Sports 89
ESPN.com 85
BSports 84
FantasyScore 78
Rotowire-Erickson 76
Fangraphs 70.5
Fangraphs - Sleeper & Bust 61.5
Mastersball 50.5
RotoExperts 40.5
Rotowire-Colton 40

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