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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017


It's the second-to-last Saturday of the 2015 Season, with clear skies ahead for picking the  Mastersball 50/50 Challenge.

There are some stronger starters going Saturday, but I am going with Julio Teheran ($6600) and Kris Medlen (also $6600) as my guys. Teheran, facing Miami, has made four strong starts in a row, and surrendered less than three runs in seven of his last ten starts.

Medlen has been strong his last three, and like Teheran has only been touched for three runs or more three times over his last ten starts. We might also remember that when with the Braves, Medlen turned in a strong second half, meaning this is his time of year.

As for hitters, I am going with Yasmani Grandal ($3700) but it is hard to go wrong with any Dodger hitter in Colorado against Kyle Kendrick and his 6.37 ERA.

Note Mastersball will be playing a Fantasy Score football contest as well. You can play against the other Mastersballers and me at Fantasy Score and follow me @lawrmichaels

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