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Monday 18th Dec 2017

I had a bunch of arguments on why I think we really needed to have the Health Care Bill.

First, it is just the right thing to do. If you are pro life, well, what is more basic to that than making sure your citizens are healthy?

If you believe that one of the duties of a government is to protect its citizens, again, how can taking care of basic health not be part of that equation.

But, I have another reason: I think by adding 30 or so million people to a customer base, well, that is going to fuel a lot of money changing hands. And, it is also going to mean that there will be a lot of great job opportunities. We will need clinics and lab techs and x-ray machines and nurses of all kinds to support that growth in the industry.

And, if you think I am wrong, think about the last time we got pulled out of a recession, back when the dot-com boom pulled us out with an economic boost that was, well, a lot of fun and posed opportunities all over the place.

In fact if you think about it, an entire wave of industry that is critical to our current economy was developed during, and perfected since the mid-90's when the Internet and personal computers took off.

Of course, at first we all though computers were too expensive, and no average Joe would ever be able to own one, and for a few years that proved to be true. But, with competition, and improved competitive technologies, well, even a laptop is cheap these days.

Not to mention companies like Oracle and Dell and Intel and Microsoft, which did not exist 20 years ago, are principle contributors to the economy now. And, they provide just a few of the products no one imagined could exist just a generation ago. And, of course now there is spyware and Facebook and Twitter and the field keeps growing and changing, with new products and companies.

So, I personally think the Health Care industry will pull us firmly out of this recession and give us some prosperity till we milk it dry and take some recession lumps in the eternal circle of life and money and health and wealth.

I am optimistic, though, because America's genius is indeed not so much developing an industry, as it is exploiting it. We have Snuggies and Shamois as common pop items, and well, I just think that will continue, and I can confirm this by an email I got this week from my NFBC League.

In that email it noted that since I had paid for my NFBC entry by check, that I was entitled to insurance on one of my players (they gave me a list). I had to choose one player (I picked Mariano Rivera because he was the most vulnerable guy I had) and should Mo miss more than 60 days on the DL, well, I get a $260 refund from my entry fee. Not the whole magilla, but, well, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Especially if I can win despite the injury.

Anyway, that is such an example of the genius that is America as any of us will ever find, for surely 20 years ago none of us imagined fantasy baseball in its current state, let alone that such an insurance service would exist.

So, there is hope, not only for my (and of course Lord Zola's) team, but, well, our country if you think about it. At least I am feeling pretty good about it.

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