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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017


It is Wednesday and a busy day for DFS, so let's have at it with the Mastersball 50/50 Challenge where two of our biggest corporate sponsored parks--Coors and Target--may get wet.

I am again on the Zack Greinke ($9800) train as arguably the best pitcher this year takes on the Diamondbacks, supplimenting with Lance Lynn ($7800) pitching at home and facing the Reds.

For hitters, I did go heavy with the platoons, and like Matt Kemp ($5300) on the high end and Cory Spangenberg ($2600) on the bottom end going up against Jake Peavy.

Note Mastersball will be playing a Fantasy Score football contest as well. You can play against the other Mastersballers and me at Fantasy Score and follow me @lawrmichaels

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