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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

However goofy Week 1 of the 2015 season might have seemed, Week 2 did nothing to point to any kind of stability.

carrPersonally, I was vindicated by the great performance by Derek Carr (30 of 46 for 351 yards and three TD passes) and similarly feel great that I at least kept him on the bench on four of my five teams. I really do believe Carr is a star waiting to happen, and that he will continue his learning curve this year, having some big games like Sunday, but also struggling some. But, a couple of things tell me Carr is at least a great bench play. First, the schedule favors Oakland. Second, I would always expect enough scoring issues with the Raiders that they will throw the ball a lot. Third, the team has some good receivers along with Latavius Murray to give the offense choices. And, with choices come points. One other thing: In an interview, Carr said his most important job was handling the ball. If you watch him, the Raiders QB is quite good at just that (compared to Jay Cutler). Again, top-five QB in a couple of years. As for a DFS play, obviously if his play is up and down, his price will be down, making him a potentially nice and cheap gamble, at least for now.

It was a tough week for me in a way, for I also own Matt Jones in four leagues, and due to Alfred Morris and Jones' rookie status, I also had him on my bench. In fact, in my ESPN league, Jones and Amari Cooper were both on the bench. Obviously, Jones is both talented, and much more of a breakaway threat than Morris is or ever will be. I think he takes over as the starter, but certainly cuffing to Morris is a smart move. 

Who figured Johnny Manziel and the Browns would beat Tennessee by two scores Sunday? Come on, unless you are Joe Posnanski, or my friends Mark and Debbi Berenberg's cousins who still live around Shaker Heights, you only had a prayer. I happen to play in a couple of leagues. It does look like Manziel starts next week, and he clearly can throw and run, and though he seems undisciplined, I suspect on the field he is more focused than we imagine. In a league where you can play a pair of quarterbacks, or drop one in a super flex spot, Manziel is not a bad bench guy for bye weeks and in anticipation of injuries (any Tony Romo owners out there looking at this?).

While we are at it, fourth year receiver Travis Benjamin has stepped it up with over 200 yards now over his first two 2015 games, with a pair of scores yesterday and an almost 18-yard average per catch. Not much to lose with the 25-year-old, who is likely available in every league (save Joe Posnanski's). As per ESPN, Benjamin was only owned in 6.3% of their leagues.

Speaking of the Browns opponents, Dexter McCluster picked up 114 total yards and usurped Bishop Sankey, who never seemed established in my view anyway. Makes a good handcuff, at worst, a la Matt Jones and Alfred Morris.

Another guy to track is the Bucs' Doug Martin, a bust out a couple of years ago, and a flame out since. Martin has 130 yards over his first couple of games, and probably has some break out in him somewhere. Martin is likely rostered in most leagues, but he not only might still be floating around in some formats but owners might also be ready to shed him if you need to make a trade for a running back.

Another target in those deeper two QB leagues is Brandon Weeden, who has played 28 games spelling Romo over the past three years with a 74.4 rating, though after taking over last Sunday, his number was 149.7. Even without Dez Bryant, Dallas is pretty good, though I would not consider him as interesting a daily play as Manziel, or especially Carr. More of a steady guy to have just in case, which most of the time means he isn't worth a roster spot. I saw Blake Bortles and Brian Hoyer on a couple of free agent lists, and would go there first.

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