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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017


Welcome to the start of 2015 Football Sunday with Mastersball, where we are again partnering with FantasyScore and presenting a 50-team 50/50 Challenge. With the great response last week, the Challenge has been expanded to 400 slots, and you can indeed make multiple entries (if you tried earlier in the week, a glitch prevented that, but this has been resolved).

So, after my optimistic dart throwing at the Raiders last week, we are back to reality and I am picking on the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday, on behalf of Drew Brees ($8000), Mark Ingram ($5300) and Brandin Cooks ($6600).

Then, I am going cheap with the Tennessee defense ($2700), who may not be the best, but since QB for Cleveland is so iffy and untested, for now I am guessing the Titans can handle them.

Again, remember you can play against us at the Mastersball 50-team 50/50 Challenge and you can follow me @lawrmichaels.

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