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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017


Welcome to the start of 2015 Football Sunday with Mastersball, where we are again partnering with FantasyScore and presenting a 50-team 50/50 Challenge.

So, in addition to Marc Meltzer's (@mastersballmarc) Football Hotpage review, we will be presenting our own picks for Sunday's games on Saturday morning (there may be more than one Mastersballer submitting rosters), and Sunday morning, we will also post with some late thoughts about match-ups, weather, injuries and of course the Zen as we see it.

So, let's have at it.

OK, who remembers Terrance West, Allen Hurns, Brian Hartline or Terrelle Pryor?

In Week 1 of 2014, West gained 100 yards on 16 carries for the Browns while Hurns bagged four catches, good for 110 years and a pair of scores. In Week 1 of 2013, Hartline caught nine for 114 yards and a TD while Pryor picked up 112 yards for the Raiders (the biggest gainer that week).

Now, I get that guys come seemingly out of nowhere, log a huge week for us to spend a wad of FAAB, and then they disappear (are you listening, Jonas Gray?), but Week 1 always seems like a free-for-all of the highest order despite the cool and skill Tom Brady shows us.

Clearly, there are some match-ups that seem obvious--Washington and Miami comes to mind--but if there ever was a week to simply trust your instincts and understand that number crunching and research or not, there is dust to settle, it is making Week 1 selections.

That said, I did go with one Dolphin (Tight End Jordan Cameron for $5000) but, call it man love, hopeful, stupid, or what, but I was so impressed with Derek Carr ($6300) last year as a rookie ball handler that with Latavius Murray and Amari Cooper supporting him, Carr makes a great gamble, at least this week. Although in my season-long leagues, I am equally wed to Carr, so there is a lot of sink or swim associated with him. However, one way or another, the Bengals defense is not that much better than the Raiders. In fact, I think the Raiders will turn out to be the better team by the end of the season.

That low-ball play allowed me to pick Adrian Peterson ($7700), being fresh after a year off with something to prove, against a changing San Francisco defense.

Again, rememeber you can play against us at the Mastersball 50-team 50/50 Challenge and you can follow me @lawrmichaels.

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