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Saturday 16th Dec 2017

In all my years playing fantasy baseball, I don't remember being involved in a title race that is as close as the one in Mixed Auction Tout Wars. Heading into Saturday, seven points separated fourth place from first place while there were four points between third place, my current standing, and first place. And, when factoring in the happenings of the past month or so, this isn't even that close. Not too long ago, single-digit points separated first from seventh. For most fantasy owners, me included, second-guessing is a part of the game, and this is especially the case in a league as tight as Mixed Auction Tout Wars. What move did I fail to make that could prove to be the difference between winning the league and falling a bit short? But, dwelling on missed opportunities is pointless, so I'm not going to spend any more time regretting what I didn't do. Instead, since I am an optimist by nature, here's a look at several moves I didn't make that I'm thankful I didn't make. After all, it's important to remember that doing nothing can often turn out to be the right choice.

Trade for Desmond Jennings - It was April and Jennings already had five steals through his first 13 games. Since Jennings had always been a favorite of mine (maybe this would finally be his year?) and I came out of the draft somewhat weak in speed, why not go after him? I tried, and I think I actually offered Josh Reddick for him, but trade negotiations ultimately broke off. Soon after, Jennings would land on the DL, missing three and a half months before returning in mid-August only to return to the DL last week.

Drop Derek Holland for a $2 FAAB redemption - Tout Wars has a rule whereby drafted players who are placed on the DL can be released in exchange for his draft day price in the form of FAAB dollars. Holland, a guy who I targeted in all of my drafts this year, made it through only one inning in his first start of the season before hitting the DL with a shoulder injury. His return timetable was unknown but he was not expected back until at least July, so I could have easily moved on. But really, what's the value of two FAAB bucks in April? Not much. Thanks to the Tout Wars roster format with unlimited DL spots, I opted to hang onto him. Since returning, the Rangers southpaw is 2-0 with a 2.53 ERA over three starts, including a three-hit shutout last week.

Trade Cameron Maybin for FAAB - I don't think it's a stretch to say that this would have been the biggest blunder made by any owner in the 2015 Mixed Auction Tout Wars league. But, after purchasing Maybin for $15 during the first FAAB period, it only took a few weeks before I became fed up with his ice-cold hitting and his outfield timeshare with Eric Young Jr. I sent out a message to the league saying that I would be dealing either Maybin or Michael Saunders for the highest FAAB offer. I accepted a $3 offer for Saunders. The highest offer for Maybin was $1.

Trade Francisco Lindor for a very low price - A middle infield logjam (Kolten Wong, Elvis Andrus, Neil Walker and Lindor for three starting spots) was bothering me so much that I was determined to deal Lindor. And I wasn't really expecting a whole lot in return for the recently called up shortstop, who got off to a slow start at the plate and was known more for his defense than his bat. A message board note stating that Lindor was available to anyone in need of middle infield help went unanswered. What followed was a .295-4-14 month of July, and sometime in the early part of a .370-2-12 month of August, I inserted my reserve round draft day selection into my starting lineup at the Utility slot. He's been there ever since.

Win the Edward Mujica FAAB bidding - Mujica did save 37 games as a member of the Cardinals back in 2013, so when it became clear that he would take over closing duties for the A's following the trade of Tyler Clippard, I figured that he would do a fine job. And since I needed a third closer, my $13 bid seemed reasonable. Fortunately, I came in second in the bidding, five bucks behind Patrick Davitt. Mujica would earn only one save for Oakland before losing the ninth inning gig. I got Rafael Betancourt for $2 instead, and while that was a bust, a $2 bust isn't nearly as damaging as a $19 bust.

Look, over the course of a six-month season, every fantasy baseball owner is going to make a number of mistakes. But before getting too down on yourself, take a few minutes to list the mistakes that you didn't make.

You will feel a lot better.

Trust me.

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