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Sunday 24th Sep 2017

I’ve played High Stakes Fantasy Baseball and Football for 12 years now. I’ve dealt with all of the major companies. If you want a great draft experience and the best customer service in the Fantasy Industry, Greg Ambrosius and Tom Kessenich at the National Fantasy Football Championship have been setting the bar for over a decade. There’s still time to jump into the NFFC waters. Today we’ll scan the current ADP, looking for the most notable market price tags.

1.1 - Adrian Peterson All-Day’s record setting 2012 performance is a distant memory. AD followed that up with the 9th best running back performance. Some think he will be refreshed with the year off. The 30-year-old also has over 2,000 career carries, so he’s no longer a spring chicken. The #1 ADP speaks more to the instability of the other running backs than it does to anything else.

1.9 - Odell Beckham – Hands down the most valuable wide receiver last year. Was there a championship team on the planet that didn’t own him? 24.7 ppg is the highest total a WR has posted in NFFC history, outpacing even Randy Moss of the 2007 New England Patriots. I get it. It’s only one season, he’s small (5’11”), and he’s got that hamstring issue. He’s also got the highest ceiling in the receiver pool.

2.6 – Brandin Cooks – Was a low in WR2 last year before his season ended in Week 11. He’s the 9th receiver coming off the board, which means his upside is already figured into the price.

3.6 – Jimmy Graham – I wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole. Not in this offense. Seattle only passes when they have to. Expect his target numbers to drop significantly.

4.12 – Doug Martin I’m so tired of him looking good in the preseason, then looking more like Ickey Woods getting some cold cuts at the deli once they turn on the lights. The offensive line hasn’t completely gelled yet. The Muscle Hampster will most likely be somebody else’s problem this year.

5.11 – Peyton Manning – The Rams defense dominated the Broncos in Week 11. After that, Peyton Manning was a new person. That new person, and the Broncos’ run first philosophy, was not a sight for sore fantasy owners' eyes. The elder Manning posted 15.8 ppg over the last five weeks, ranking 30th in the NFL. Enjoy. Maybe the Broncos offense reverts back to its aerial form in 2015, maybe it doesn’t.

6.4 – Joseph Randle – I smell a committee. His stock is falling and still might not be worth the risk.

8.2 – Victor Cruz – How much faith do you have that his knee will hold up? It’s still a relatively high price for high risk. Even when he plays, he’s not going to be the same.

9.11 – Devin Funchess – Yes, it’s been a rough preseason and the offense is a mess, but he’s big (6’4”, 232 lbs.) and somebody has to catch passes in Carolina.

10.3 – Seattle DST – Just say NO to drugs….and drafting a defense in the first 15 rounds.

11.11 – Matt Jones – The buzz is there’s a committee brewing in Washington and that Matt Jones fits their offensive scheme better. Noise or signal?

12.8 – Dorial Green-Beckham – This size-speed specimen (6’5”, 237 lbs., runs a 4.49 40) is technically buried on the depth chart. If you have the room to stash him, this rookie could make an impact in the second half of the season.

13.7 – Phillip Dorsett A small rookie (5’10”, 185 lbs.) that doesn’t figure to make a fantasy impact. The Colts’ first-round pick is a situational deep threat that might catch lightning for you in a daily game and disappoint you elsewhere. Think Philly Brown with no experience calling Lucas Oil Stadium his home.

14.4 – Cody Latimer Peyton Manning hasn’t been happy with his performance, which is all you need to know. He’s cheap for a reason.


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