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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

Once more, we have a review of one of @RotoBuzzGuy's (Howard Bender) #MockArmyDrafts, and again a 12-team PPR draft (next week we will get back to non-mock ramblings here).

This time, I selected first, which is fun for the first pick, then torture for 23, then good for two, and so on, so without any further ado, and as we get ready for our football drafts, let's take another look.

peterson_adrian_mock_resized1.1 Adrian Peterson (RB): Once more, a year off so his body is rested, and he has something to prove.

2.12 Latavius Murray (RB): Looking for a solid second back. It might have been early for Murray, but drafting at the wheel, I doubted he would be there for my fourth pick (and I was right: another owner said he would have grabbed Murray before he came back to me).

3.1 Emmanuel Sanders (WR): With Jordy Nelson gone, Sanders was easily the best wideout available at this point.

4.12 Julian Edelman (WR): Throw him the ball, and he catches it. If he can stay healthy and mimic past years, that means 90 catches and 1000 yards in a PPR league.

5.1 Joique Bell (RB): Stepping into the #1 role in Detroit, I expect Bell to flourish.

6.12 Ryan Tannehill (QB): Went in Round 5 last week, so I am happy to have my targeted QB right here.

7.1 Martellus Bennett (TE): 91 catches last year is a lot. Nabbed Bennett during the same round last week, in fact my next three selections all fell to the same rounds as last.

8.12 Anquan Boldin (WR): The guy just plays hard, so it is hard to not like him.

9.1 Seattle Seahawks (DEF): The best defensive players means the best chance to score some points each week.

10.12 Doug Baldwin (WR): Under-rated, but that will end this year when he steps into the #1 role.

11.1 Danny Woodhead (RB):Does a little of this and a little of that and always has a few big weeks in him.

12.12 Dan Herron (RB): #2 running back in Indianapolis can catch the ball as well as break out with some big runs.

13.1 Mohamed Sanu (WR): #2 WR in Cincy bagged 700-plus yards last year as a back-up. Think he steps it up this year.

14.12 Derek Carr (QB): I am looking at Carr having a breakthrough, as well documented. He has made every one of my mock teams and this is the lowest I have grabbed the Oakland signal caller, so he is still under the radar.

15.1 Caleb Sturgis (PK): Kickers are interchangable parts. I took the guy left with the strongest leg, but no sentiment or anything else. (No NFFC slots for kickers.)

See the entire draft HERE

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