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Wednesday 18th Oct 2017


This is it. The Tout Wars participants who have been playing at FanDuel all season have whittled their masses down to 15 finalists. Actually, 13 finalists, with RotoExperts Adam Ronis and Scott Engel playing well enough to finish with a pair of victories each over the monthly cycle that has been playing out since Week 1.

With a one-night-winner-take-all, obviously picking the right starting pitcher is essential, and there are indeed a lot of good ones to choose from with Clayton Kershaw ($13,000), Sonny Gray ($10,600) and Max Scherzer ($11,500) leading the pack.

I have to admit Francisco Liriano ($9500) twirling against the Rockies at home is tempting, but I am going with Scherzer, facing ostensibly the worst offense in baseball, that belonging to the Marlins.

That means scraping for the best offense possible with just a $3000 average for my players, so I went with solid switch-hitters Ben Zobrist ($3600), Carlos Beltran ($3400) and Justin Smoak ($2700), all three facing vulnerable starting pitching.

The winner brings home $1000 of those marbles, so hopefully I picked the right ones.


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