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Tuesday 17th Oct 2017


On Thursday, I will be ready to take you on from my regular spot - the Mastersball Daily 50-50 GPP contest with $135 in prizes available for just a $5 entry fee. Do not delay joining, as the Mastersball contests continue to be very popular.

Here are a couple of my picks.

It is hard to go wrong with aces like Gerrit Cole ($9400) available. However, I am going to save some money for hitting by taking Washington’s Joe Ross ($7400) for $2000 less. There are rumblings that the rookie right-hander will be shut down before the season ends due to workload concerns, but when Ross pitches, he performs well. The Padres at home Thursday night looks to be a favorable matchup.

Like you, perhaps, my picks tend to gravitate first to players I watch closely. Like Ross, I own Mets outfielder Michael Conforto ($3400) in National League Tout Wars. The rookie does most of his damage against right-handers and the first-place Mets are in a good hitting park in Philly to face 37-year-old righty Aaron Harang.

Compete against the Mastersball staff at FantasyScore here, and I can be followed on Twitter @b_walton.


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