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Wednesday 21st Feb 2018

This past Thursday, @RotoBuzzGuy (Howard Bender) held his fourth week of #MockArmyDrafts, a day later than in the past this season (meaning I could not post on Thursday), but as all of our drafts are rapidly approaching, today's space is dedicated to this latest 12-team PPR draft.

This time I drafted in the tenth spot: not great, but good on the return, once the draft kicks into gear. Note this time I also listed the recent NFFC ADPs, although I don't like ADPs any better for football than I do for baseball. I comment accordingly.

1.10 Matt Forte (RB): Was hoping Marshawn Lynch would fall to me, as long as I was going with an older back. I do like Forte, who does everything well and is the Bears' offensive mainstay, but I worry about him aging. (NFFC ADP: #17. #10 for me.)

2.3  Jordy Nelson (WR): Second time in a row I bagged Jordy on the return from the lower end of the draft. Love him, just love him. (NFFC ADP: #11. #15 for me.)

3.10 Joique Bell (RB): I like Bell, and I think he is on a team that will score some points. He can do everything, and, well, it is PPR. (NFFC ADP: #84. #34 for me.)

4.3 Julian Edelman (WR): Pass receiving machine, averaging 91 catches a season over the past two seasons. And, he returns punts. (NFFC ADP: #37. #39 for me.)

5.10 Amari Cooper (WR): Rookie gamble, but I like what the Raiders are doing. At least I want to like what they are doing. (NFFC ADP: #48. #58 for me.)

6.3 Martellus Bennett (TE): While I really cannot stand Jay Cutler, I do like a lot of the weapons he has. Bennett is one. (NFFC ADP: #69. #63 for me.)

7.10 Anquan Boldin (WR): Older, but steady and heady. Boldin does have 1,000 yards each of the last two seasons. (NFFC ADP: #74. #82 for me.)

8.3 Seattle Seahawks (DEF): Seattle has, on paper, the best defense. (NFFC ADP: #131. #87 for me.)

9.10 Darren Sproles (RB): Catches passes, runs the ball, and catches passes. Good flexible fill-in for bye weeks. (NFFC ADP: #137. #106 for me.)

10.3 Doug Baldwin (WR): Baldwin becomes the go-to guy in Seattle. I'm buying it. (NFFC ADP: #159. #111 for me.)

11.10 Cam Newton (QB): I really was focusing on Ryan Tannehill, who I had been grabbing around the 7th, but he was snatched up in the 5th, so I waited, and grabbed Newton, ostensibly as a #2 signal caller. (NFFC ADP: #110. #130 for me.)

12.3 Brian Quick (WR): Coming off injury, if the Cards can stay healthy, I think Quick follows up on last year's progress and has a break-out season. (NFFC ADP: #127. #135 for me.)

13.10 Derek Carr (QB): Truth is, I am planning on using Carr, who I think will completely step it up as the Raiders improve, as my #1. If you watched him last season, you will have seen incredible poise and skill for a rookie. I probably could have drafted him last with the amount of attention he gets, but this is just fine. 11th round last week. (NFFC ADP: #235. #154 for me.)

14.3 Eric Ebron (TE): Second at this spot, and another player I think will break out. (NFFC ADP: #158. #159 for me.)

15.10 Greg Zuerlein (PK): Kickers are interchangable parts. I took the guy left with the strongest leg, but no sentiment or anything else. (No NFFC slots for kickers.)

See the entire draft HERE

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