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Friday 19th Jan 2018

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR is available below.


There are four Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League and 15-team Mixed Draft League. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

The amount the owner paid is listed in a column followed by the non-adjusted Vickrey bid. The remaining bids for that player are then listed in order of amount. if the amount of an unawarded bid is greater than what was charged, the bid was a contingency bid by that owner and they were awarded a player of higher priority.




AAlmonte, Cle 10 Seth Trachtman 12 Lawr Michaels 9 Larry Schechter 9
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 7 Mike Podhorzer 1
JoRamirez, Cle 10 Steve Moyer 16 Larry Schechter 9 Jason Collette 7
Jeff Erickson 7 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 6 Chris Liss 5
Ron Shandler 1 Mike Podhorzer 1
MBoyd, Det 8 Rob Leibowitz 16 Andy Behrens 7 Jason Collette 7
Jeff Erickson 6 Chris Liss 5 Mike Podhorzer 1
TraThompson, CWS 1 Andy Behrens 1
MLowe, Tor 1 Jason Collette 2
DPomeranz, Oak 1 Mike Podhorzer 1 Jeff Erickson 0
JMachi, Bos 1 Chris Liss 3
JAlvarez, LAA 0 Ron Shandler 0
SGeltz, TB 0 Jason Collette 0
TCollins, Det 0 Mike Podhorzer 0


ChJohnson, Cle Steve Moyer 16 Seth Trachtman 9 Mike Podhorzer 1
Andy Behrens 1
CRasmus, LAA Ron Shandler 0
DWebb, CWS Jason Collette 0
JLake, Bal Mike Podhorzer 1
JSands, Cle Steve Moyer 16 Mike Podhorzer 1
KJepsen, Min Jason Collette 0
SFuld, Oak Steve Moyer 16 Andy Behrens 0
SPatton, Tex Ron Shandler 0

Rob Leibowitz' Commentary

After the Carlos Gomez grab, it left me with just $16 in FAAB remaining. Still needing pitching, I targeted the Tigers' recent acquisition Matt Boyd. The lefty is being given an extended audition for the 2016 season and has the makings of a middle to back end of the rotation starter. He has excellent command and has missed bats at good rates in the Minors. I'm taking a chance that just maybe he'll keep that up in the Majors, though given no true plus pitch, hoping he just provides some usable innings.

Todd's Take

While I understand the motivation on both sides of the Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher for Chris Johnson deal was money, I'm curious how the Indians plan to use Johnson. I'm assuming third base is still Giovanny Urshela, if only for his glove. There's room for Johnson at first with Carlos Santana sticking with DH. This is what the Tribe did Sunday and is the likely configuration most of the time. Johnson isn't a stat-sheet stuffer, but my guess is he'll make the Succesful Bids section this time next week.




NSwisher, Atl 46 Gene McCaffrey 61 Tristan H. Cockcroft 45 Steve Gardner 37
Scott Wilderman 32 Ray Guilfoyle 25
MBourn, Atl 46 Brian Walton 74 Tristan H. Cockcroft 45 Steve Gardner 37
Scott Wilderman 32 Ray Guilfoyle 25 Peter Kreutzer 8
BHand, Mia 9 Steve Gardner 12 Gene McCaffrey 8
DHolmberg, Cin 7 Phil Hertz 11 Mike Gianella 6 Peter Kreutzer 4
EAdrianza, SF 1 Scott Wilderman 6 Brian Walton 0
EHerrera, Mil 1 Tristan H. Cockcroft 2 Brian Walton 0
JTerdoslavich, Atl 1 Gene McCaffrey 4
TCravy, Mil 1 Gene McCaffrey 1 Phil Hertz 1 Mike Gianella 1
CRea, SD 1 Phil Hertz 1 Phil Hertz 10
JMathis, Mia 1 Ray Guilfoyle 1
JNicolino, Mia 1 Lenny Melnick  1
ZDavies, Mil 1 Mike Gianella 1
KTomlinson, SF 0 Brian Walton 0 Scott Wilderman 3
JWilliams, Phi 0 Peter Kreutzer 0 Phil Hertz 0
RLavarnway, Atl 0 Phil Hertz 0 Ray Guilfoyle 0


TGlasnow, Pit Mike Gianella 19
JRogers, Mil Gene McCaffrey 7
JLamb, Cin Phil Hertz 11
JDiaz, Cin Phil Hertz 1 Mike Gianella 0
JWieland, LAD Mike Gianella 1
ABlanco, Phi Brian Walton 0
BMorris, Mia Mike Gianella 0
CaVillanueva, StL Peter Kreutzer 0
CNarveson, Mia Phil Hertz 0
JCollmenter, Ari Phil Hertz 0
JGrimm, ChC Peter Kreutzer 0
JHerrera, ChC Brian Walton 0
PCiriaco, Atl Brian Walton 0
TWood, ChC Mike Gianella 0
SSchumaker, Cin Brian Walton 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

Despite the passing of the non-waiver trade deadline last week, the Atlanta Braves made it interesting this week in National League Tout Wars. Wielding the FAAB hammer by $1, I knew Michael Bourn would be mine. With the second-most money, Gene McCaffrey put his cash behind the other new Brave, Nick Swisher. Both players went for $46 Vickrey with Tristan H. Cockcroft playing the role of enforcer in both cases.

Two other players, both left-handed pitchers, went for more than a dollar this week. Miami's Brad Hand was once a prospect, but flamed out and was banished to the bullpen. With the trade of Dan Haren, Hand now has a second chance in the Marlins' rotation. $9 of Steve Gardner's $12 bid was needed to get the job done.

David Holmberg is one of four greenhorns in Cincinnati's new post-trade rotation and after making two solid starts in his third shot at the bigs, the 24-year-old joined Phil Hertz' squad for $7 ($11 Vickrey).

Todd's Take

As opposed to the scenario in NL LABR (now dicussed below), the leader in FAAB, my esteemed colleague Mr. Walton, had a need for steals as there's two points well within reach as well as perhaps getting close to some points in runs if things really go well. As many of us discuss, where to gain points isn't necessarily category strength and weakness (at the top and bottom) but rather where you're nestled within the gaps and tightly bunched distribution.




SRomo, SF 4 Tim Heaney 6 Zach Steinhorn 3 Nando DiFino 0
YSolarte, SD 3 Ray Flowers 9 Scott Pianowski 2
SWright, Bos 3 Fred Zinkie 3
JTazawa, Bos 2 Ray Flowers 7 Tim Heaney 4
ISuzuki, Mia 1 Nando DiFino 1 Scott Pianowski 1
MBoyd, Det 1 Nando DiFino 1
ABrooks, Oak 1 Al Melchior 6 Ray Flowers 4 Tim Heaney 1
JoRamirez, Cle 1 Derek Van Riper 1
MGarza, Mil 1 David Gonos 12 Tim Heaney 0
JKelly, Bos 1 Scott Pianowski 1 David Gonos 0
GSizemore, TB 1 David Gonos 1
CAsche, Phi 1 David Gonos 7
JGray, Col 1 Al Melchior 9
AAlmonte, Cle 1 Al Melchior 3
AAmarista, SD 1 Scott Pianowski 2
YVentura, KC 1 Tim Heaney 3
DValencia, Oak 0 Derek Van Riper 1


SFeldman, Hou David Gonos 5
EPerez, Atl Ray Flowers 4
SWright, Bos Ray Flowers 3 Fred Zinkie 3 Scott Pianowski 2
CCrawford, LAD David Gonos 2
KSampson, Cin Tim Heaney 2
RShaffer, TB Derek Van Riper 1 Scott Pianowski 1 Derek Van Riper 0
MBoyd, Det Nando DiFino 1
GBlanco, SF Scott Pianowski 1
VNuno, Sea Nando DiFino 0 Tim Heaney 0
JBradley, Bos Nando DiFino 0
MLorenzen, Cin Tim Heaney 0
DHolmberg, Cin Tim Heaney 0
DPhelps, Mia Tim Heaney 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

As it turned out, I'm the reason why Sergio Romo was the most expensive FAAB purchase this week. I was so convinced that a $3 bid would be enough to land him that I was already deciding which pitcher to bench to make room for my newest acquisition. But Tim Heaney, one of the other contending owners, spoiled my plans, though I never considered bidding as high as six bucks, so it's really a moot point. Santiago Casilla has been shaky of late while Romo is working on a 10 2/3 scoreless inning streak and has 80 career saves to his name. A speculative pickup, but an educated one nonetheless. So rather than rooting against Casilla, I'll be rooting for him.

Todd's Take

I live in the Boston area and am as curious as you who will close if Koji Uehara misses time. Most speculate Junichi Tazawa but manager John Farrell recently went on record stating the club plans on limiting Tazawa's usage since he's been a workhorse the past three seasons. Perhaps this is to make sure he's fresh for his role of closer next season but that's just speculation and irrelevant to the saves at hand. Alexi Ogando is a possibility but the name to monitor is Heath Hembree, who recently rehabbed a sore shoulder and is at Triple-A. He was shaky in his short stint in the Majors but has been nails at Pawtucket.




ABrooks, Oak 4 Paul Sporer 7
MPerez, Tex 1 Paul Sporer 4
DValencia, Oak 1 Perry Van Hook 6
AAlmonte, Cle 1 Perry Van Hook 3
JFrancoeur, Phi 1 Perry Van Hook 6
MBoyd, Det 1 Perry Van Hook 5
HOwens, Bos 1 Eno Sarris 1 Perry Van Hook 3
HStrickland, SF 1 Tim McLeod 1
JBerrios, Min 1 Tim McLeod 1
JTazawa, Bos 4 Adam Ronis 4
JRollins, LAD 4 Adam Ronis 4
MGonzalez, Hou 1 Eno Sarris 1


MGarza, Mil Perry Van Hook 2
CAsche, Phi Perry Van Hook 0
CDenorfia, ChC Perry Van Hook 0
SPeterson, Mil Perry Van Hook 0

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

League leader Adam Ronis - now just half a point in front of Rudy Gamble - placed the two highest bids and had two of the three highest winning bids at $4. Ronis bid $11 for Dodgers shortstop Jimmy Rollins and won him at $4 where he also won Boston reliever and possible temporary closer Junichi Tazawa on a $9 bid. The other $4 winning bid was on new A's pitcher Aaron Brooks, who Paul Sporer had bid $7 for.

I tried to spend more than half my remaining FAAB with $6 bids on new Athletics 3B/OF Danny Valencia and Philly outfielder Jeff Francoeur, and a $5 try for Tigers pitcher Matt Boyd. Thankfully, I won them all for Vickrey reduced $1. Strange with the hot week Valencia had since being added by the Athletics. He has virtually assured himself of a lineup spot for awhile and his first three games will be at Rogers Centre against his former team.

Todd's Take

Maybe it's my DFS influence but now that Jimmy Rollins is back at the top of the order -- and likely to stay there with the injury to Howie Kendrick, he deserved more than one bid - middle infield just isn't that strong this season.


There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo..




Jesus Montero, SEA 8 Winning Fantasy Baseball 8 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 5 Fangraphs 3
Bruce Rondon, DET 7 Fangraphs 7 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Vidal Nuno, SEA 3 Mastersball 3 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Abraham Almonte, CLE 3 Winning Fantasy Baseball 3 Fangraphs 3 Baseball HQ 1
NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1 Colton & The Wolfman 1
CC Sabathia, NYY 2 Colton & The Wolfman 2 Fangraphs 6 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Ryan Goins, TOR 1 FantasyScore 1
Jerry Sands, CLE 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1 Fangraphs 2


LaTroy Hawkins, TOR Mastersball 2
Chris Johnson, CLE Fangraphs 2
Fernando Rodriguez, OAK Fangraphs 1

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

The highest winning bid of the evening was Larry Schechter's $8 bid for SEA 1B Jesus Montero - and he had good radar as the underbids were 5,5, and 3, while all other underbids were $1 if contested. The next highest winning bid was $7 from Fangraphs' Eno Sarris for Tiger relief pitcher Bruce Rondon.

With Cody Anderson, CLE having the double dreadful ineffective and disabled I wanted another starting pitcher and got SEA hurler Vidal Nuno for $3.

Todd's Take

The calm after the storm. Keep an eye on Abraham Almonte, though with two homers since replacing Michael Bourn in center, the chance he flies under the radar is now limited, Obviously he's not going to keep up the power pace and he may not even have regular playing time for the rest of the season but the way the Indian's outfield is presently constituted, he's the favorite for the run in center. In single league formats, at bats are currency so anyone getting the lion's share at a position is a must own.

Speaking of the Tribe....Yo, Jose Ramirez, where was this back in April when you were my secret weapon for cheap steals before <> Jose Peraza was promoted?




Michael Bourn, ATL 57 Sandlot Shrink 57 RotoWire - DVR 25 Colton & The Wolfman 22
Inside Edge 11 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
Nick Swisher, ATL 25 RotoWire - DVR 25 RotoExperts 21 Inside Edge 2
Jonathan Gray, COL 7 Mastersball 7
Keyvius Sampson, CIN 5 Sandlot Shrink 5
Tyler Clippard, NYM 3 Inside Edge 3 Baseball HQ 2 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Alexi Amarista, SD 2 Baseball HQ 2 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Sergio Romo, SF 2 Colton & The Wolfman 2 Baseball HQ 1
Andres Blanco, PHI 2 Sandlot Shrink 2 Baseball HQ 1
Corey Knebel, MIL 1 Baseball HQ 1
Brett Wallace, SD 1 Inside Edge 1
Ehire Adrianza, SF 1 RotoWire - DVR 1 RotoWire - DVR 1


Matt Szczur, CHC Mastersball 7
Joe Blanton, PIT Mastersball 5
David Holmberg, CIN Sandlot Shrink 3
Addison Reed, ARI Colton & The Wolfman 2 Baseball HQ 1
Chris Denorfia, CHC Inside Edge 1
Tyler Moore, WSH Inside Edge 1
Andrew Chafin, ARI Baseball HQ 1
Carlos Torres, NYM Baseball HQ 1
Daniel Descalso, COL Baseball HQ 1
Skip Schumaker, CIN Baseball HQ 1

Lawr Michaels' Commentary

The second wave of late season pennant drive moves by the big league clubs concluded this past week and those owners who still had some bank spent accordingly, with Bob Radomski dropping $57 for Michael Bourn. The Sandlot Shrink skipper managed to fend off bids ranging from $1 to $25, and that $25 was enough for league leader Derek Van Riper to bag Nick Swisher (who overcame two bids of $2 and $21) and add him to his arsenal.

Then, there was a battle for potential saves, with Steve Moyer of Inside Edge getting Tyler Clippard ($3), while Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton nabbed Sergio Romo for a couple of bucks.

I made my $7 bid on Jonathan Gray count, but truth is I could have had him for just a dollar, the amount Doug Dennis spent on Corey Knebel, Moyer spent on Brett Wallace, and Van Riper on Ehire Adrianza.

Splitting the middle were stop gap utilitymen, a la Alexi Amarisa ($1), Andres Blanco, and Brett Wallace.

Todd's Take

Last week I commented that my preferred FAAB system is $1000 units, no Vickrey and no $0 bids. I talked with Patrick Davitt about it on the 8/7 edition of HQ Radio. Long story short is I feel you should decide how much a player is worth to you that week, considering all the other factors and own that bid. Bid what you're willing to pay.

Sandlot Shrink's purchase of Michael Bourn is a perfect example. Coming into the bidding, two teams had more FAAB than Sandlot. He had to decide how much he was willing to bid, knowing he was covered by two other owners. Sure, he could look at their teams and try to gauge how much steals may be worth to the teams with more FAAB as well as covering the amount of the teams below. The decision was 57 and as it turns out, 26 would have gotten it done, In a Vickrey league, that's all Sandlot would have paid - 26. But I like the fact the decision was made that he was willing to spend 57. Make a decision and own it.

You may be wondering why the teams with more FAAB weren't more aggressive. One team was Colton and the Wolfman and they're embroiled in a first place battle with Rotowire-DVR. It could come down to one point. Looking at steals, which is Bourn's primary asset, C&W are 20 bags behind the team ahead, six ahead of the team below and 14 ahead of the next team. Basically, worst case scenario is they drop a point and even with Bourn, they're unlikely to grab any points. As such, the decision was made to not be aggressive and save the hammer for really managing the categories down the stretch. Trust me, there WILL be players available in September that can help specific categories and if you have the hammer, you're assured of the at bats while other teams are losing at bats.




Domonic Brown, PHI 11 Razzball 11 Rotowire-Colton 1 USA TODAY Sports 1
Luis Severino, NYY 6 ESPN.com 6 MLB.com 3 FantasyScore 2
Fangraphs 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1 Rotowire-Colton 1
Tommy Kahnle, COL 6 USA TODAY Sports 6 BSports 2 Fangraphs 1
Rotowire-Erickson 1
Yangervis Solarte, SD 5 Razzball 5 USA TODAY Sports 3 BSports 1
Henry Owens, BOS 3 ESPN.com 3
Daniel Norris, DET 3 BSports 3 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Jake Peavy, SF 1 Rotowire-Colton 1 BSports 2 USA TODAY Sports 1
Rotowire-Erickson 1 MLB.com 1
Matt Garza, MIL 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1 ESPN.com 1
Gregor Blanco, SF 1 BSports 1
Carlos Sanchez, CWS 1 USA TODAY Sports 1


Justin Smoak, TOR Razzball 5
Derek Dietrich, MIA Razzball 2
Ketel Marte, SEA Razzball 2
Carlos Villanueva, STL USA TODAY Sports 1
Raisel Iglesias, CIN USA TODAY Sports 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Aaron Brooks, OAK Rotowire-Erickson 1
Omar Infante, KC Razzball 1
Abraham Almonte, CLE BSports 1
Steven Wright, BOS BSports 1

Todd Zola's Commentary

Continuing the theme I can do nothing right with this team, there were a bunch of intriguing starting pitchers available but I don't have the FAAB to be aggressive ($11) so I took the spectator view this round. Though, as it turns out, I wish put a series of $4 bids in on Severino, Garza, Norris, Owens and Peavy. a $4 Owens would have been nice and I'd still have 7 more $1 bullets.

Todd's Take

I like comparing who bid on the rookies and who bid on the veterans, the file that away for future use since the membership of this league is pretty stable. Perhaps its situational but James Quintong from ESPN was more aggressive on the rookies (Severino, Owens) and didn't even bid on Garza and Peavy. Maybe he needs the hope that the rookies provide more than the track records of Peavy and Garza suggest they'll provide - it really doesn't matter. If there's a young arm available, JQ could be interested.

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