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Sunday 24th Sep 2017

This is our third try in this season's #MockDraftArmy, driven by our friend Howard Bender (@rotobuzzguy) from Fantasy Alarm.

Once again, the setup was a 15-player, PPR with 12 teams. While Lawr drew 11 last week, I drew the dreaded #1 spot this week. With so many relatively equal players near the top, there is little incentive to drawing the one slot.

Note we should be participating in at least one of these per week leading up to the season, so look for Mock Analysis from Lawr Michaels and me.

1.1 Jamaal Charles (RB): My personal belief is the way to go in 2015 is WR-WR-WR. But with the #1 pick, I had to take the safest pick to post numbers.

2.12 Randall Cobb (WR): Stunned and amazed that he was still on the board at the end of round two.

3.1 Emmanuel Sanders (WR): In PPR formats, I want the receivers that are the high-volume guys. Sanders fits that bill.

4.12 Jarvis Landry (WR): I expect the yardage total and touchdown total to increase, even if the reception total does not change.

5.1 Brandon Marshall (WR): This was a pivotal spot for my draft. Do I take a fourth wide receiver (I am a believer that you win with strong receivers) and risk waiting another 24 spots to take my second running back?

6.12 Devonta Freeman (RB): Hoping that he beats out Coleman and becomes a useful RB2. It appears to be worth the risk to wait on backs, as I only missed out on the chance to take Coleman, Yeldon, Blue, Stewart, and Vereen, none of which are a big loss to me.

7.1 Ameer Abdullah (RB): Behind Joique Bell on the depth chart, but should see plenty of action and should catch a lot of passes.

8.12 Tony Romo (QB): Romo's number of pass attempts was down in 2014 due to the strength of the Cowboys running game. But with Murray gone, I see the pass attempts on the rise.

9.1 Julius Thomas (TE): I know there is a difference between catching passes from Peyton Manning and catching passes from Blake Bortles. I still see Thomas as a productive tight end and I see an improved Jaguars offense.

10.12 Knile Davis (RB): If you take Charles, you have to take Davis. He proved in 2014 that he can produce if he has a chance.

11.1 Michael Crabtree (WR): I have been burned many times by the tantalizing talent of Crabtree only to curse him out as the season goes on. Little risk in Round 11, and if he stinks again, he would be easily cuttable.

12.12 Joe Flacco (QB): Like Crabtree, I have always been a Flacco fan as a backup fantasy quarterback. And with the offensive coordinator of all offensive coordinators, maybe they become a high-powered passing offense.

13.1 Terrance Williams (WR): Brutally inconsistent in 2014 but he is still the clear number two receiver on the Cowboys.

14.12 New York Jets (DEF): Everyone needs a defense. They are highly fungible during the season, so I don't sweat it out.

15.1 Justin Tucker (K): It will be interesting to see what the new extra point rules do to kickers. I envision many more 2-point conversion attempts.

See the entire draft HERE

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