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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

With one of the wildest non-waiver trade deadlines in memory, fantasy players in mono leagues, especially in AL leagues, had a lot to consider in last week’s FAAB bidding.

Of course, bidding is different as shaped by individual league rules, but there were clearly four players – Troy Tulowitzki, Johnny Cueto, Cole Hamels and Carlos Gomez who figured to get extremely high bids in AL-only leagues.

But the talent didn’t stop there. Gerardo Parra, Ben Revere and Mike Fiers would also be actively targeted.

On the NL side, Jose Reyes and Yoenis Cespedes would generate the highest bids, but Brandon Moss and Tyler Clippard would be bid on in all leagues and even Joakim Soria and J.A. Happ would find takers.

You have probably read our weekly LABR/Tout FAAB recaps, but in looking at bids from my AL and NL keeper leagues, I am going to compare the winning bids with those from the LABR leagues. (It's hard to compare the Tout bids when they use the Vickrey system and most private leagues don’t.)

American League Bidding

Player My League LABR
Troy Tulowitzki $68 $54
Johnny Cueto $59 $55
Cole Hamels $49 $55
Carlos Gomez $48 $49
Gerardo Parra $32 $50
Ben Revere $47 $43
Mike Fiers $15 $16

My NL-only keeper league (both leagues based in the Los Angeles area) uses a $1000 FAAB purse, so a comparison with LABR won’t work. But let’s look at these prices compared to an NFBC NL-only league which also uses a $1000 FAAB budget.

National League Bidding

Player My League NFBC
Jose Reyes $744 $597
Brandon Moss $553 $417
Tyler Clippard $47 $187
J.A. Happ $8 $50
Joakim Soria $6 $50

Cespedes is missing because my NL league has a rule that the player has to play by Friday of the current week to be eligible for bidding on Saturday night. (Don’t ask me how Happ snuck through. I just sent the commissioner an e-mail on that.) Cespedes went for $761 in an NFBC NL-only auction league and I expect him to go for around $600 in our league this coming Saturday.

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