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Friday 20th Oct 2017

This is our second foray into this season's #MockDraftArmy, driven by our friend Howard Bender (@rotobuzzguy) from Fantasy Alarm.

Once again, the setup was a 15-player, PPR with 12 teams, though this time I got the #11 selection. So once again, I present my picks and a brief statement of why I made the pick.

For the complete draft results, click here at RealTimeSports.

Note we should be participating in at least one of these per week leading up to the season, so look for Mock Analysis from Marc Meltzer and me.

1.11  Marshawn Lynch (RB): Knew I needed a running back first, and The Beast was the man. It is a manlove thing, but Marshawn delivers (and, he went to Berkeley!).

2.2  Jordy Nelson (WR): If I drafted lower in RB this week, the higher slot gave me a chance to cop Nelson, and for that I am happy.

3.11  Joique Bell (RB): Wanted a second RB and Bell might step up his role, and in a PPR league, his receiving skills are a boon.

4.2  Julian Edelman (WR): PPR baby, and Edelman chews them up (I picked him up in the fourth round last week, too).

5.11  Martellus Bennett (TE): Went earlier with Tight End this time, taking another pass catching machine.

6.2  Darren Sproles (RB): Maybe a little early, but again, break away speed and a lot of catches.

7.11  Ryan Tannehill (QB): I took him in the same slot last week, only this time there was big talk about what a sleeper the Miami QB was, and I feared he would be plucked from atop my queue. Lucked out.

8.2  Seattle Seahawks (DEF): Because of where I drafted (#11), I went earlier for defense and took the best. I knew they would no longer be available on the return.

9.11  Tre Mason (RB): Nice safe back-up and bye week player who could emerge and become a starter by end of season.

10.2  Brian Quick (WR): Patience pays off as I grabbed Quick a lot earlier last week, so this tells me a lot. 

11.11  Tavon Austin (WR): Nice late-round potential point producer.

12.2  Derek Carr (QB): Again, same player, same slot as last week. I love Carr and think he is going to be very good.

13.11  Mohamed Sanu (WR): Was a back-up to A.J. Green last year and played a major role during Green's injuries, but if the Bengals are smart, they play the pair off one another and reap big dividends.

14.2  Eric Ebron (TE): Think he will be a star. Love him down here as a back-up.

15.11  Greg Zuerlein (K): All kickers are pretty much the same, and Zuerlein has the most leg.


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