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Thursday 19th Oct 2017

These are trades from an 11-team, 5x5 league where minor leaguers can be traded but future minor league draft picks cannot. If there is an extreme price differential (deep dump trade) in the players involved in the trade, there are trade restrictions on the teams involved.

For those unfamiliar with the keeper status abbreviations, here are a few examples:

26D15 - $26 auction salary, Drafted, in 2015

10F14 - $10 salary, as Free Agent, in 2014

21C16 - $21 salary, under Contract, through 2016


Trade #1 Effective April 27

Team A trades Michael Taylor (10D14) and Aristides Aquino (farm) to

Team B for Matt Holliday (26D15)


Trade #2 Effective April 27

Team C trades Yasmany Tomas (farm) and Noah Syndergaard (farm) to

Team B for Max Scherzer (41D15)


Trade #3 Effective May 4

Team B trades Khris Davis (10D13) to

Team D for Amed Rosario (farm)


Trade #4 Effective May 11

Team E trades Brandon Belt (24D15) to

Team F for Aaron Blair (farm)


Trade #5 Effective May 18

Team G trades Trevor Rosenthal (7D13) to

Team H for Javier Baez (farm)


Trade #6 Effective July 5

Team A trades Francisco Liriano (10D13), Jake Peavy (2D15) and Matt Holliday (26D15) to

Team F for Alberto Callaspo (3D15), Tyler Kolek (farm), Grant Holmes (farm) and Wilmer Difo (farm)


Trade #7 Effective July 5

Team A trades Jordan Zimmermann (27D14) to

Team J for Cliff Lee (2D15) and Brandon Drury (farm)


Trade #8 Effective July 5

Team A trades Ryan Braun (34D15), Josh Harrison (10D14) and Madison Bumgarner (15C15) to

Team H for Maikel Franco (5M15), Orlando Arcia (farm) and C.J. Edwards (farm)


Trade #9 Effective July 12

Team E trades Andrew McCutchen (50D15), Daniel Murphy (20D15) and Bartolo Colon (6D15) to

Team C for Ryan Zimmerman (33D15), Enrique Hernandez (5F15), Jim Johnson (5F15) and Peter O'Brien (farm)

Interesting to note that the first trade by Team A was to fortify their roster in April, but by early July they had given up hope of cashing and decided to trade (mostly) expiring contracts or other non-keepers for minor leaguers or cheap contracts and try to get an early draft pick next spring Their partner in the first trade, after being able to hang amongst the contenders, reloaded again in later trades.

Also interesting to note that Team E, the one team clearly drafting to set their roster up for 2016, waited until May to make their first trade and then didn’t make another trade until July. Of course, in this NL league and last week’s AL league, we could see a flurry of trades at the trade deadline, which is usually the first weekend of August. So next week we will look not only at the deadline trades in the AL but the FAAB from both the AL-only and NL-only leagues.

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