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Saturday 23rd Sep 2017


It is crunch time for the July run at the FanDuel Tout Wars Daily, and though I am playing a game to win here, I am rooting for my mates Brian Walton and Todd Zola (third and fourth in the standings, respectively) to make the top three for the month and join me in the tourney.

My numbers are a good 40 points off the leaders for the month, but since I qualified in May, I can take some chances so I am starting Jose Quintana ($8200) against the Tribe, pitching at home.

Surely, the safer bets today are Chris Archer ($10,600) and Corey Kluber ($11,000, going against Quintana) and if I am Todd or Brian trying to pick my spots while protecting my position in the standings, I would go there.

As for hitters, the low gamble on Quintana makes it so I can mete out the bucks pretty evenly, and the two sticks I like best are Mark Teixeira ($3900) against homer vulnerable Tommy Milone, and Brandon Phillips ($3200) hitting in Colorado.

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