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Sunday 22nd Oct 2017

With football season sneaking upon us, our good friend Howard Bender (@rotobuzzguy) from Fantasy Alarm initiated the first foray within the corps of his #MockDraftArmy on RealTime Sports (click the link and you can find the draft results) Wednesday.

The league was 15-player, PPR with 12 teams and I got the #2 pick, so without belaboring too much, here are my picks with a brief and ideally not too self indulgent comment about why I made the selection.

Note we should be participating in at least one of these a week leading up to the season, so look for Mock Analysis from Marc Meltzer and me.

1.2   Adrian Peterson (RB): He got a complete year off from getting clobbered and has something to prove.

2.11 T.Y. Hilton (WR): I had hopes that Jordy Nelson would fall, but so much for hopes. T.Y. has that Luck guy tossing to him, so I am down with that as a #1 WR.

3.2  Latavius Murray (RB): Call me a sucker (make that hopeful, where we have already been this column) as a Raiders fan, but I think (I hope?) I see good things finally happening in Oakland, and I think Murray will be at the center.

4.11 Julian Edelman (WR): PPR baby, and Edelman chews them up.

5.2   Carlos Hyde (RB): New direction for the Niners will change (as in push) the worth of Colin Kaepernick, and allow Hyde a chance to shine as the Frank Gore era comes to a close.

6.11  Brian Quick (WR): Loved Quick before he got hurt last year, and think he breaks out this year.

7.2 Ryan Tannehill (QB): Experts darling, but I am buying in that building upon last year with a lot of weapons around him, Tannehill delivers, so as a seventh rounder, that makes it a no-brainer.

8.11 Zach Ertz (TE): Willing to gamble a bit on the spot, and think Ertz will pick it up.

9.2   Anquan Boldin (WR): One of my favorite players, so had to grab, though probably a mistake and the Seattle Defense, whom I thought I could grab, was snatched away.

10.11 Darren Sproles (RB): Does some of everything, and can really generate points in PPR formats from time-to-time. 

11.2   St. Louis Rams (DEF): Missed on the Seahawks, so went second best ASAP.

12.11 Derek Carr (QB): Saw Carr a lot last year and I really like what I saw. Think he is going to be a star and this is the first year the world starts to notice.

13.2   Eric Ebron (TE): Another youngster I like, but Ebron is a big kid with good hands, and I like him in this setting.

14.11 Doug Baldwin (WR): Undervalued, I think (I hope?).

15.2   Steven Hauschka (K): I like the Seattle kicker.


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