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Saturday 24th Feb 2018

Welcome to "You Look FAABulous", our look at the FAAB reports for Tout Wars and LABR. Each week, your friends at Mastersball will post the results of the weekly Tout Wars and LABR FAAB run, featuring the winning bid as well a the runner-up bids.

Included with each league report will be commentary from a Mastersball staff member participating in that league. We invite you to ask questions and post comments at the bottom of the report.

All contingency bids for awarded players are included. Sometimes, this bid is tied to a player that the owner received, so at times the bid amount is larger than the winning bid. We are including it to provide as much information and context as possible with each report.

Here is the Tout Wars report. LABR is available below.


There are four Tout Wars leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only, 15-team Mixed Auction League and 15-team Mixed Draft League. All use on-base-percentage instead of batting average. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo.

Tout Wars uses a Vickrey system to award bids. For a complete description of the Vickrey system, click HERE for the Tout Wars constitution.

The amount the owner paid is listed in a column followed by the non-adjusted Vickrey bid. The remaining bids for that player are then listed in order of amount. if the amount of an unawarded bid is greater than what was charged, the bid was a contingency bid by that owner and they were awarded a player of higher priority.




JSmolinksi, Oak 1 Jeff Erickson 3 Seth Trachtman 0
AJudge, NYY 1 Rob Leibowitz 4
CBassitt, Oak 1 Jeff Erickson 7
MKrauss, Det 0 Seth Trachtman 0
DPomeranz, Oak 0 Seth Trachtman 0
FDoubront, Tor 0 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0


CShreve, NYY Jeff Erickson 0
MLowe, Sea Jeff Erickson 0
SGeltz, TB Jeff Erickson 0

Rob Leibowitz' Commentary

Honestly, as part of my short-week minor league grab and stash strategy, I meant to bid on young Yankees slugger, Aaron Judge, but I forgot. However, with power so scarce and with Judge adjusting to Triple-A rather easily, I wanted to grab him, even at the expense of a week of losing Matt Joyce's stats. Of course now with the Yankees in first, there may be very few opportunities available for Judge to play with both Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran back on the active roster. It may take a reinjury to get him to the Majors.

Todd's Take

If there's a club that can squeeze some usefulness from Smolinski, it's Oakland. They play the platoon game as well as anyone.




TCooney, StL 23 Todd Zola 37 Steve Gardner 22 Phil Hertz 5
Phil Hertz 0
AMorgan, Phi 1 Todd Zola 27 Phil Hertz 0
RIglesias, Cin 1 Phil Hertz 5
MRojas, Mia 1 Phil Hertz 1
DUggla, Was 0 Scott Wilderman 0
ABastardo, Pit 0 Scott Wilderman 0
STuivailala, StL 0 Brian Walton 0
RLavarnway, Atl 0 Phil Hertz 0
JFrancoeur, Phi 0 Mike Gianella 0 Phil Hertz 0


TStory, Col Phil Hertz 1
PCiriaco, Atl Phil Hertz 1
JLobaton, Was Phil Hertz 0
JMathis, Mia Phil Hertz 0
JMonell, NYM Phil Hertz 0
JOsich, SF Phil Hertz 0
MDenDekker, Was Mike Gianella 0
OHernandez, Ari Phil Hertz 0
DDescalso, Col Phil Hertz 0
DRoss, ChC Phil Hertz 0
JArias, SF Phil Hertz 0
SSchumaker, Cin Scott Wilderman 0
TCruz, StL Phil Hertz 0
TIshikawa, Pit Mike Gianella 0
TWood, ChC Mike Gianella 0

Brian Walton's Commentary

In the short week, only one player drew a winning bid of over $1. Filling in for the injured Jaime Garcia, St. Louis Cardinals left-hander Tim Cooney has performed credibly, most recently 5 2/3 scoreless innings against the Mets on Sunday. There is a major risk, however. Garcia is ready to begin a rehab stint in the Minors and Marco Gonzales is already on his. As a result, Cooney may have just one more start ahead with St. Louis – until the next injuries hit the rotation, at least. $23 of Todd Zola’s $37 offer was needed to top Steve Gardner’s $22 bid.

Phil Hertz made a stealth move, adding Raisel Iglesias for $1 ($5 Vickrey). We still haven’t seen much from the Cuban due to injury, but there should be continued opportunity in Cincinnati’s rotation – and perhaps much more if Johnny Cueto and/or Mike Leake are dealt away.

Todd's Take

As Brian suggested, there's no assurance Cooney sticks around but my confidence level that Garcia stays healthy is minimal and I have the room to stash him if he gets sent down. My goal is to minimize the FAAB I lose next season and it appears I can make up some ground in W and K so I won't be particular if I need to replace Cooney, hopefully temporarily.




TCingrani, Cin 10 Joe Pisapia 11 Al Melchior 9 Tim Heaney 3
Scott Swanay 0
MUpton, SD 1 Derek Van Riper 1
TSaladino, CWS 1 Ray Flowers 1
JHoover, Cin 1 Tim Heaney 12
BBeachy, LAD 1 Tim Heaney 5
KSuzuki, Min 0 Derek Van Riper 0
MReynolds, StL 0 Scott Swanay 0


RSoriano, ChC Tim Heaney 3
INova, NYY Tim Heaney 2
JJeffress, Mil Tim Heaney 2
CSabathia, NYY Tim Heaney 2
HConger, Hou Derek Van Riper 0
AEllis, LAD Derek Van Riper 0
TFlowers, CWS Derek Van Riper 0
KPlawecki, NYM Derek Van Riper 0
NCastellanos, Det Scott Swanay 0

Zach Steinhorn's Commentary

As expected, there's not a whole lot to talk about this time, as most owners filled their roster holes during the added post-All Star break FAAB run on Thursday night. As it turned out, Tony Cingrani was the only player purchased for a price greater than $1. Cingrani, who has been sidelined since mid-June due to a shoulder injury, is on track to rejoin the Reds this week. And there's talk that he could return to a starting role, especially in the event of a Johnny Cueto trade, which seems like a near certainty. Pitchers with Cingrani's upside do not belong on the waiver wire, and Joe Pisapia alertly grabbed him now, before a potential FAAB price hike.

After being very active on the FAAB front on Thursday and with only $13 left to spend this season, I opted to sit tight, and barring an urgent roster need, I think I'll be sitting tight for awhile.

Todd's Take

Zach alluded to it, the yo-yo roles of Cingrani is now back on starting. Some thought he may be groomed to replace Aroldis Chapman if he's inexplicably dealt but now it appears the Reds are going to give him another shot at the rotation. Like the rest of the fantasy world, I'm infatuated with the ability to miss bats and that's a skill Cingrani has exhibited.




CAsche, Phi 1 Charlie Wiegert 6
ESuarez, Cin 1 Charlie Wiegert 6
TCingrani, Cin 1 Grey Albright 3 Perry Van Hook 0
ANola, Phi 1 Perry Van Hook 11 Rudy Gamble 2
TSaladino, CWS 1 Grey Albright 6 Ray Flowers 16
SGennett, Mil 1 Greg Ambrosius 20 Grey Albright 1
JPeraza, Atl 1 Tim McLeod 2
KSiegrist, StL 1 Adam Ronis 2
WHarris, Hou 0 Rick Wilton 0
BMaurer, SD 0 Rick Wilton 0
BBeachy, LAD 0 Perry Van Hook 0


OInfante, KC Greg Ambrosius 5 Grey Albright 1
AHechavarria, Mia Grey Albright 1
DPhelps, Mia Perry Van Hook 0
JGyorko, SD Greg Ambrosius 5
MGonzalez, Bal Perry Van Hook 0

Perry Van Hook's Commentary

All the winning bids this week ended up being $0 or $1, although most didn't start that way. Rick Wilton and I both tried to buy some pitchers for zero dollars - Rick got relievers Will Harris and Brandon Maurer, which makes sense as he hopes to find some saves along with their good relief innings. I decided to make a strong ($11) bid for the Phillies' top pitching prospect Aaron Nola, who will start Tuesday against Tampa Bay - not a strong hitting club, and was lucky enough to win him for a dollar. In my other list, I bid on four starting pitchers who are active thinking I might get one of Brandon Beachy (two starts this week), David Phelps (also a two-start pitcher), Tony Cingrani or Miguel Gonzalez, who each have one start. Nice to save some money and still get my first choice.

The highest bid was $20 by Greg Ambrosius, who needed a second baseman and got Scooter Gennett. Cody Asche, Eugenio Suarez and Tyler Saladino all had $6 bids reduced to $1 winning bids.

Todd's Take

He went unclaimed but if you need a middle infielder, check out Adeiny Hechavarria. No, I'm not kidding. The all-glove, no stick Cuban shortstop is showing some stick. He's also been hitting as high as third in the order, though he's been pushed down since the return of Martin Prado. At the very least, Hechavarria is a DFS punt candidate when he's facing a lefty and hitting fifth.


There are three LABR leagues, a 12-team AL only, 12-team NL only and 15-team Mixed League. You can see the complete standings for each league by clicking on the appropriate heading, located just under each player photo..




Luke Hochevar, KC 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1
L.J. Hoes, HOU 1 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Ryan Raburn, CLE 1 Colton & The Wolfman 1



Perry Van Hook's Commentary..

This was an extremely light week of bidding. One it is a deep AL only league with not much on the free agent list, and second what would have been a fine target, new White Sox infielder Tyler Saladino was already owned. Colton and the Wofman got two of the uncontested awards this week in Ryan Raburn CLE, and L.J. Hoes HOU, while Greg Ambrosius and Shawn Childs of NFBC rostered Kansas City reliever Luke Hochevar.

Todd's Take

I'm a little surprised that Ryan Raburn was available and even a little more surpised that he drew so little attention. Granted, this is Ryan Raburn we're talking about but he is hitting clean-up whenever a southpaw is on the hill and the Tribe in general are strong against lefties so the run production should be there. He's hitting .294 with 4 HR and 21 RBI and 13 runs - nothing special but certainly above replacement.




Carlos Ruiz, PHI 7 RotoWire - DVR 7 Baseball HQ 6 Colton & The Wolfman 3
Eric Campbell, NYM 5 RotoWire - DVR 5
Chris Stewart, PIT 1 Baseball HQ 1 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Austin Hedges, SD 1 Colton & The Wolfman 1
Joseph Terdoslavich, ATL 1 NFBC/Stats, Inc. 1


Martin Maldonado, MIL Colton & The Wolfman 1
Oscar Hernandez, ARI Colton & The Wolfman 1
Dan Johnson, STL RotoWire - DVR 1
Matthew den Dekker, WSH RotoWire - DVR 1
Pedro Ciriaco, ATL RotoWire - DVR 1

Lawr Michaels' Commentary.

 Hitters--particularly backstops--were the focus of the NL LABR moves after the short cycle of games following the All Star Break.

The first place team manned by Derek Van Riper of Rotowire bagged Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz for $7, fending off bids of $6 and $3, while Chris Stewart went to Doug Dennis' BBHQ team for a buck (there was a second one dollar bid, but Dennis won by the dubious virtue of a lower spot in the standings), while Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton grabbed the Padres Austin Hedges, also for a dollar.

Elsewhere Van Riper also bagged Eric Campbell for $5, while Greg Ambrosius and Shawn Childs purchased the Braves Joey Terdoslavich for a dollar.

And that was that: not too thick a player pool, not too many moves.

Todd's Take

There's a lot of folks that would just assume leagues switched to needing one catcher and not two. ESPN and Yahoo use one catcher as their default, This outcry is from mixed league enthusiasts as well as single league players. Personally, I'd be against cutting back on a catcher spot. The way the player pool is currently constituted, catcher is the only hitting spot that needs to be rejiggered on draft day. Sure, you need to balance hitting and pitching as well as the categories in each, but in a vacuum, a stat from all non-catchers are worth the same, The fact that they're worth a different amount from a catcher requires some thinking and I'm all for thinking.




Kyle Schwarber, CHC 6 Baseball Prospectus 6
Cole Gillespie, MIA 2 USA TODAY Sports 2
Odrisamer Despaigne, SD 2 Razzball 2
Taylor Jungmann, MIL 2 Rotowire-Erickson 2 Razzball 4 BSports 2
USA TODAY Sports 1
Tyler Saladino, CWS 1 MLB.com 1
Eugenio Suarez, CIN 1 BSports 1 MLB.com 1
Wade Miley, BOS 1 Baseball HQ 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Chris Tillman, BAL 1 BSports 1 USA TODAY Sports 1 Rotowire-Erickson 1
Zach McAllister, CLE 1 Baseball HQ 1


Jeff Locke, PIT Rotowire-Erickson 1
Manuel Banuelos, ATL Rotowire-Erickson 1
Martin Perez, TEX Rotowire-Erickson 1
Nathan Eovaldi, NYY Rotowire-Erickson 1
Tom Koehler, MIA Rotowire-Erickson 1

Todd Zola's Commentary

Hey look, Taylor Jungmann finally found a home. If you follow my work for ESPN you know he and I have a history. I've come to accept the fact he doesn't suck. I like the fact he keeps the ball down and limits walks. There's going to be a day where the grounders cluster into hits and it will be interesting to see if he's as effective from the stretch. At minimum, he's not a guy I'm targetting to stack against in DFS.

Todd's Take

I'm hearing some pundits suggest that other than Buster Posey, there's no other catcher they'd rather have than Kyle Schwarber. Really? Please.

Aside from the fact that hitting is hard and Carlos Correa aside, no one enters the league and is immedately the second best player at their position (I'll give Correa top-eight or so). I talked about this on a couple of podcasts last week (HQ Radio and Fangraphs/Rotographs - check my Twitter feed for the links). This is a great year for prospects but you're making a mistake if you think this is the norm. I'm hearing -- from multiple people -- that development is different and hitters are more polished than previously. While there could be some truth to this, to me it's narrative derived to support the fact that this season's rookies are a once-in-a-generation class. I don't think it will be the norm. There's just been a wondeful confluence of prospects ready to help teams in the playoff hunt and teams are finally willing to put playoff chances ahead of a few saved dollars or an additional year of control. Let's not get carried away. If this game is so easy that 20 and 21 year old kids can come in and dominate, why is offense still down and strikeouts still up?

The one point I think we should store away is more teams are now willing to promote their prospects if they're amticipating challenging for the playoffs. It's the number of said prospects I disagree with.

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