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Thursday 21st Sep 2017

FScore-160x320Without any doubt, Saturday is my favorite day to play Daily Fantasy Score (DFS). I am off work, having plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon and evening games. Join me at FantasyScore Mastersball 50/50  Challenge

My first choice for pitching is John Lackey ($6300). He is reasonably priced and is facing the Mets’ Bartolo Colon, who has been sub-par recently. My second choice is David Price ($9100), going against the Orioles’ Chris Tillman. Price, no pun intended, is quite expensive, which makes picking hitters challenging.

To offset the cost of pitchers, I am going with an inexpensive catcher, Alex Avila ($2700), who may play either at first base or as a catcher.

In addition, I like Michael Brantley ($4300) and the Giants’ Brandon Crawford (4900) and Hunter Pence ($4400).

Note that the weather forecast for Chicago and San Diego is iffy, possible showers.

Don't forget that you can indeed match up against the Mastersballers at FantasyScore.

Follow Pasko at Twitter @varnica123.

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